Cloud Document Management

Cleardata’s Cleardox EDM cloud document management solution offers secure on line document  management for businesses.  Providing flexible access to information for multiple users from any location, using a web browser.   The cloud solution features include:-

  • Index and classify documents – Save documents to folders with inherent metadata to ensure documents are indexed and classified in a consistent manner each and every time.  Metadata fields can be made compulsory to meet your compliance needs.
  • Fast, search functionality enabling the user to save favourite searches. Cleardox features keyword, wildcard and advanced search functionality, with the ability to save favourite searches to enable users to personalise their experience. Documents can be viewed within the system using an in built viewing tool.  Our PDF viewer allows you to view bookmarks and copy OCR text.
  • Innovative ClearSearch enables you to search and view associated documents from other products, e.g. Sage, Word or Excel.
  • Version control and Audit Trail – View a full audit trail by company, department or user.  Provides detailed activity by date, time, user and action.  Document version control by version number, size, created by, date and current version.  With the ability to view/add version at a document level.
  • User and group management – Admin centre to enable easy management of user profiles and group document access permissions.

Cleardox EDM Cloud Document Management System

Cloud document storage is an ideal solution for companies who need to access their documents and information from multiple locations. With employees based in different regions, subsidiary companies, working from home or out in the field, documents need to be available instantly to operate efficiently and in a timely manner.

Available at a low monthly cost per user, this cloud document management solution can be accessed instantly, with no costs upfront for hardware or software installation.  All your users need is access to the web using a standard browser.

This solution will tick all your boxes for compliance, providing an electronic audit trail for your document management and offering secure access at a user level.  The system is stored on secure UK based servers, with password protected access.  Enabling you to zone off your documents securely, only allowing access to those employees with the relevant permissions.

Why Choose Us

  • Our document experts are prince2 trained so can help analyse your existing paper processes and provide a solution to suit your business
  • We operate a state of the art scanning bureau and can help digitise any amount of back archives, clearing up your office space and helping you to move to a paperless environment
  • Accredited to ISO27001 for information security, we can help ensure your data protection and compliance requirements are delivered securely
  • Backed up by an excellent IT team, we’ll help with training and implementation; and make sure images are output in a format compatible with existing office systems
  • Customer service, we’re a friendly team and will look after your business
  • For further information on our cloud document management solution, please call 0800 046 8081.

For further details call 0800 046 8081 today or contact our team for more information Contact Us


  • Get in touch to tell us how many users you have and your document requirements
  • Our team can digitise your back archive of documents or provide regular daily or monthly scanning, indexing and uploading your paperwork into the cloud for you – we have a professional scanning bureau capable of capturing 4 million images per month so can handle bulk scanning requirements
  • You can digitise your documents yourself, index and upload
  • The cloud solution can host multiple document types
  • Documents can be accessed from any location using a web browser
  • Documents can be viewed in their original format, e.g. word, excel, powerpoint, pdf
  • Fast search and retrieval using meta data
  • Summary of tasks provided on entry into the system
  • A full electronic audit trail is provided
  • Secure access and password permissions down to a user level

For further details call 0800 046 8081 today or contact our team for more information Contact Us


  • Fast, flexible access to your information
  • Free your office space from paperwork
  • Secure your documentation digitally, providing user access controls
  • Find your documents quickly, using a simple keyword search
  • Audit your electronic document management

For further details call 0800 046 8081 today or contact our team for more information Contact Us