E-invoice Services

Process all your incoming invoices, from emailed pdf’s, paper invoices to e-invoices, through a single Cleardata service, and one connection directly to your ERP system for all your invoices and data:-

  • Paper invoices – diverted to digital mail room, scanned to high quality, with automated data capture and data feed. See our invoice scanning page
  • Emailed invoices diverted (PDF’s or files) – Our bureau team can automatically sort your incoming invoices arriving by email. We’ll set up an inbox for your business and whether in PDF, Word or other format, we can automate your data capture and provide a data feed in a format suitable to your requirements.
  • EDI Solution – has processes in place to work with majority of EDI systems, automatic sorting and enhancement for e-invoices,, add new customers or suppliers at no extra cost with self service directory, improved reporting and management information, identify bottlenecks in your invoice process, full electronic audit trail and archive management solution.
  • Cloud Web Portal – there are zero cost EDI options for your smaller suppliers to send their e-invoices via the portal.

Electronic Invoicing

Invoice Processing EDI Systems

Cleardata’s electronic invoicing solutions, provide a cloud invoicing service, using Pagero online.   This EDI solution allows businesses to link with other ERP systems globally using one single connection.  Traditional EDI can require the service provider to manage each and every connection, which can be expensive.

Pagero already has interoperability agreements in place with many ERP systems, which means businesses can avoid expensive additional IT setup costs when adding new suppliers or companies.

Employees can search in the self service directory and send an enquiry regarding sending/receiving e-invoices. Once accepted, they can start communicating electronically.

EDI, E-Invoicing, Electronic Data Interchange

Achieve a high level of automation

  • The system provides automatic validation, conversion and enhancement for e-invoices to ensure you deliver/receive e-invoices in the correct format, creating a fully automated workflow.
  • Add information not supplied by your usual financial or ERP system.
  • Add, replace, format or move information e.g., shorten references, format VAT rate, supplier ID or exchange rate.
  • Administer/update your own enhancement rules to suit your business.
  • Combined with a cloud e-invoicing option, a high degree of automation can be achieved for both large and small suppliers/businesses.
  • When communicating using Pagero, you can also overcome issues with spam filters blocking invoices. Scanning, data capture and formatting issues are also reduced, saving valuable time and money.

Read our white paper for more information on how to start your invoice process automation.

FAQ’s – EDI or Electronic Data Interchange

1. What are the benefits of the EDI Solution?

  • All incoming invoice data through one connection.
  • Interoperability agreements in place with other EDI Systems Globally.
  • Automatic enhancement for incoming e-invoices.

2. What is EDI?

Electronic Data Interchange – The computer-to-computer exchange of business documents in a standard electronic format between business partners.

3. What is an e-invoice?

An invoice that is issued, received & processed electronically. It is digital throughout its lifecycle.

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Utilising Cleardata’s e-invoice services provides the following benefits for your business:

Saves time and reduces costs

Physically entering data can be a time consuming task and equally expensive, especially if thousands of invoices need to be regularly processed.

Time and money can both be saved in processing invoices by switching to electronic invoicing.

Removes data entry mistakes

As data entry involves members of staff manually entering information into the financial documents, human error can occur, creating important mistakes.

E-invoicing can remove this possibility as well as the process of correcting them.

Provides a full audit trail

As e-invoicing promotes a complete digitised invoice process from being issued, received and processed electronically, a full audit trail is available.

Improves cash flow

Making sure invoices are paid on time is important for every company, especially with the government introducing the Duty to Report guideline.

Electronic invoicing enables payments to be paid and received quickly and efficiently, significantly improving cash flow within your organisation.