Invoice Matching

Cleardata provides invoice matching and invoice validation solutions throughout the UK, enabling businesses to automate their invoice processes, speed up processing time and reduce human error.

Accounts payable staff time is regularly wasted on manual invoice processing tasks such as, invoice sorting, scanning, manual data entry and approvals. This often results in physical invoices being sent from one person to the next, payment delays and poor supplier relationships.

How Cleardata can help?

Cleardata can streamline your entire invoice processing operations, freeing up staff time, increasing data accuracy and improving your supplier relationships.

  • Paper invoices diverted direct from your suppliers to Cleardata’s mailroom using a dedicated PO Box.
  • Electronic invoices handled using a virtual mailbox.
  • Invoices scanned using OCR technology converting invoice information into computer readable text.
  • Key data, for example invoice number, date, supplier name and amount identified and extracted using automatic data capture software.
  • Cleardata’s invoice matching and invoice validation solution utilised to check information against original orders and existing databases, ensuring high levels of accuracy.
  • Cloud technology and workflow combined to route invoices to the correct members of staff for approval.

For more information on automating the process of your invoices, read our white paper.

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