Electronic Document Management

Electronic Document Management

Is your business interested in managing its paper records digitally?  Would you like to store information in one central electronic filing cabinet, with shared access and automation?

Electronic Document Management (EDM) maybe the answer for you. Basically EDM means a central digital repository for all your documents, records and information.

Cleardata offers a full range of EDM solutions and offers a complete range of optional managed services to help digitise and capture any existing or ongoing paperwork.

Electronic Document Management Services

Let’s look at the electronic document storage options available:-

  • Digital filing cabinet – a simple Electronic Document Storage system offering a central digital filing cabinet to store, search and retrieve your information.  This can be hosted at your premises or in the cloud, dependant on your needs.
  • Workflow, automation and authorisation – workflow rules will enable your documents to be automated to go to a specific person or department. For example, invoices can be forwarded to finance, followed by the authorising manager.  Complaint letters to your complaints or chief executive’s office or application forms to your HR Team.
  • Audit Trail & Version Control – control your document security and versions, this can be important for legal and contractual documentation.
  • Secure User Access – only allow authorised users to view appropriate records.  A Key benefit of digital document management!
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Why Choose Cleardata?

Cleardata have a long history of helping businesses move and manage their documents online. We have a full in-house team who specialise in solutions and who are equipped to advise you as the best processes for your business.

Cleardata’s team are knowledgeable in all aspects of document management. From collection and scanning to digital mailroom services and electronic system design, Cleardata have the equipment and expertise to handle all your document needs. We are an ISO accredited team in information security so you can rest assured your information is in safe hands with us.

Reasons to manage your documents digitally…

There are many benefits to managing your documents online including:

  • Increased office space
  • Find information faster
  • Improved accuracy of your data
  • Increased data security – you control who has access to your documents.
  • Data recovery. Back up data to prevent losses of documents.
  • Electronic Audit Trail will help keep your company compliant with record management.

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  • Review existing processes – our document experts will review your existing paper processes and examine the best options for your electronic document management
  • Provide a recommendation for the most suitable document management tool for your business together with pricing.  We can offer affordable finance options for your business.
  • Build a specification and project plan for your digital requirements, based on your current and future needs.  The team are Prince2 project management trained .
  • We’ll assist you at each stage of the project, our experienced team includes Consultants, Project Management, IT Support and Training.
  • Cleardata specialises in a range of managed services to digitise paper processes.  Operating a leading edge document scanning bureau, equipped with high end production scanners,  together with business process outsourcing services, such as mailroom sorting and data capture  we can help you at each stage of your paperless journey.
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  • Free up valuable office space
  • Secure who can access your documentation
  • Find information faster, using a simple keyword search for retrieval
  • Put all your information in one central location, providing easy access to your data and backing up your important documents
  • Automate your paperwork processes, reduce manual intensive processing and increase the accuracy of your information
  • Electronic Audit Trail – using a digital filing cabinet can help you company to remain compliant, offering a full audit trail for your records management
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