Document Scanning Leicester

If you’re looking for secure document scanning and document management services for your business, get in touch with Cleardata. Providing documentation expertise to businesses in Leicester and the surrounding East Midlands, Cleardata can digitise your paperwork into an indexable digital version. Scanning your documents makes them easily accessible and more manageable, as well as freeing up office space.

As an ISO9001 and ISO27001 accredited company, quality management and data protection are at the heart of Cleardata’s service, ensuring secure handling and tracking of all your information throughout the scanning process.

Cleardata is an approved Kodak partner, using state-of-the-art Kodak scanning technology to digitise up to 420 images every minute. This equates to the highest quality images at a reliably fast turnaround time. Our bureau can scan small and large format images as well as microfiche, microfilm and aperture cards. 

 The benefits of document scanning

  • Additional office space. Without the need to store physical documents at your site, space can be used more efficiently with extra desks or a relaxing area for your team.
  • Document safety assured. Files and paperwork are backed up and therefore protected from any incidents such as theft, fire, or flood that would normally result in loss of documents.
  • Quick and easy access from multiple locations. Staff efficiency is increased, as information can be accessed with ease and spend more time on the core aspects of their job.
  • Improved compliance. Store personal information securely to ensure your business is working in line with GDPR regulations. Digitised information can be stored with associated metadata to allow information to be found quickly and easily 
  • Record data securely. Data can be stored in our Electronic Document Management System which allows permissions and authorisations to be set for different users. Digital information is kept more securely than physical filing, reducing the risk of data breach and fraud.

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 Document Storage Leicester

Storing documents properly is vital for businesses, and yet sometimes gets overlooked. Documents not stored securely could be lost to accidents, or important information could be stolen or accessed without authorisation. This could lead to some serious repercussions, such as fraud charges and data protection issues.

Cleardata provides professional document storage within a state-of-the-art controlled facility. Documents can be collected from anywhere in Leicester with our vehicle fleet and taken to our secure premises. Choosing Cleardata for document storage provides you with many benefits:

Enhanced security features. From biometric entry, early smoke detection alert systems, water detection, and security systems with a live link to the emergency services, you can rest assured that your documents are safe in our facility. 

  • Scan-on-demand retrieval service. Clients can request files online. Documents are retrieved, scanned and digitally returned within hours of the request.
  • Bespoke archive management system. Users can view storage archives, box status, and any other activity such as file retrievals by user, time and date via our cloud based archive management system.  Manage destruction and keep until dates and view reports for user access. This allows you to manage archives stored offsite effectively and within GDPR compliance guidelines. 

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Document Management Leicester

Outsourcing document management can be beneficial for businesses that just don’t have the time or resources to effectively manage it themselves.

Cleardata offers electronic document management (EDM) services, including system design, implementation, and training and support to help make your transition to a paperless office seamless. We can identify cost savings by providing bespoke solutions to automating and digitising your processes.

If you’re looking for somewhere to keep documents securely, Cleardata have a cloud-based online document management system with a smart indexing tool for consistent filing and easy access from any location.

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Document Shredding Leicester

If you no longer require physical files after digitisation, Cleardata can provide a secure document shredding service to dispose of any sensitive information properly. A certificate of destruction is given after disposal for your records and peace of mind.

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Business in Leicester

Leicester is known for playing a key part in manufacturing, retail, and motor vehicle industries in the UK. New start-ups are on the rise and seeing huge success, and the number of company closures has dropped, meaning that business in Leicester is booming.

There are many grants, funding, and training opportunities available for new start-ups from local council schemes and dedicated independent bodies. Leicester sits in an ideal location near the centre of the UK with good transportation links via the M1 and M69. All of this makes Leicester a great place for business, and Cleardata are proud to be working with companies in the area.

Cleardata are the ideal document scanning and document management partner for your organisation. Whether you’re a newly-founded or well-established business, we can help increase your efficiency, profitability, and security. For more information on our expert document services, call today on 0800 046 8081 or get in touch via our contact form.