A0 Scanning Services

A0 Document Scanning Services

Cleardata’s UK scanning bureau also digitises A0 size documents and drawings. Our bureau is configured to scan large format images using OCE technology. These scanners can capture any size of image and convert to a high-quality digital output of your choice. Common digital images are pdf, tiff or jpeg.

Cleardata can provide your A0 scanned images back on CD, DVD, Memory Stick, via FTP upload or into our Online Document Management System.

Our Large Format A0 Scanning Service

  • Cleardata has sales representatives throughout the UK
  • We offer a secure UK collection service  for A0 drawings and documents, by arrangement with your salesperson
  • Our dedicated prep team will prepare your A0 documents and drawings and remove all paper clips and staples
  • Large format A0 documents will be scanned using high-resolution scanners and output to your required digital format
  • Cleardata follows a 2 x 100% checking process. All digitised A0 images will be quality checked by two of our bureau operatives
  • Images will be digitally indexed so you can find your scanned drawings quickly using a simple keyword search. Drawings are normally indexed by drawing number, date or location.
  • We will ask you how you want your documents to be indexed as part of our job specification process.
  • Scanned images will be output in your required format e.g. PDF, JPEG or TIFF.
  • Images can be returned via memory stick, DVD, CD or FTP upload.
  • We also offer a secure, low cost, online document management solution to store your images, enabling access from any location.

Cleardata’s large-format A0 scanning bureau team is ISO27001-accredited for Information – Security, BS 10008:2014 for Legal Admissibility and ISO9001 for Quality Management Systems. Our premises are protected and secure because we understand how important it is for you to feel confident in the safety and security of your important documents.  Visit our accreditations and security page for further details

If you want more information about our A0 scanning, then give us a call on 0800 046 8081 or use the instant quote tool on our website now!Quick Quote

Benefits of Scanning A0 Drawings and Documents

Scanning and digitisation has many benefits for businesses:

  • Free up valuable office space – A0 drawings are also known as extra large for a reason. These sheets will occupy a significant amount of your office space. Re-utilise your office space for more important uses like meetings and workspaces.
  • Protect and Backup A0 Drawings and Paperwork- Drawings and plans can be a valuable asset, if these are damaged or lost this can be problematic and costly and cause major delays for key projects.
  • Preserve your documentation- Over time drawings and plans can fade and get damaged, digitisation can preserve and protect your records for years to come.
  • Find information faster – Once scanned A0 drawings can be digitally searched using a keyword such as drawing number, date, project name or location. This enables you to search your drawings from your desktop and retrieve information quickly and easily.
  • Flexible access – Drawings can be uploaded into an online document management system, providing flexible user access from any location for multiple users. This can be a great tool when managing projects from on-site offices and locations.
Call us on 0800 046 8084 if you need to ask any questions about our A0 scanning service. Alternatively, use our instant quote tool on the website!Quick Quote