Aperture Card Scanning Service

Cleardata provides aperture card scanning services throughout the UK.  Our secure scanning bureau is accredited to ISO27001 and uses the latest technology to convert your aperture cards to digital format. To get things started, our professional team of consultants will draw up a bespoke specification based on your organisation’s needs. After both sides are happy, we will crack on with the task of digitising your Aperture Cards!

  • Fast, Reliable Aperture Card Scanning Service
  • We offer a secure UK collection service and can collect your aperture cards directly from your premises.
  • The contents of the cards will go through our digital conversion process to your chosen output format. This process will capture your original drawings and files to an exceptionally high resolution.
  • Our aperture card scanners can clean up your images and provide high-quality digital output.
  • The team of quality checkers at our bureau will review all digitised files, ensuring that they are of optimum quality. We offer a 2 x 100% quality checking guarantee.
  • Next comes the indexing of your new digital files. Typical choices for the indexing procedure include the client’s name, date, description of contents and reference number. However, thanks to the personal approach we take at the preliminary consultancy stage, we can catalogue your files by just about any factor you choose!
  • Finally, your digital images are ready to retrieve. Files can be stored on any one of a variety of formats, including CD, DVD, memory stick,  or even on-line in our secure on-line document management system. Alternatively files can be  securely encrypted via a FTP site.
Aperture Card Scanning Services

Did You Know?

Although previously a popular form of information storage (particularly within the engineering  and manufacturing sectors for storing plans and drawings.) Aperture Cards are now almost entirely obsolete. The main drawbacks of Aperture Cards are that they can be viewed by only one person at a time, and the fact that their delicate nature can mean that a slight accident could cause the instant loss of all data stored. Throw in the problem of being unable to identify the contents of an Aperture Card without setting up the specific viewing equipment each time, and you can understand why this medium of archiving has become out of date.

We can help your business transfer anywhere from ten to thousands of archived Aperture Cards into a digital format through our industry-leading imaging equipment. Scans will be indexed and entirely searchable through a simple keyword search, and you have complete freedom over the format your brand new files are in.

Why Choose Us?

  • We’re accredited to ISO standards: ISO9001/2008 and ISO27001 for the highest level of information security.
  • We’re innovative in our technology: We set the standard in aperture scanning, with the latest scanning hardware and storage capabilities.
  • We provide a 200% checking service: Every digital image is checked twice by our dedicated quality checking team to ensure the best quality scan possible.
  • We scan over 150,000 documents a day: With over 3 million images being scanned every month, it’s clear we’re doing something right!
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In the 21st century, using Aperture Cards to handle business documents, files and drawings has become an out-dated and inefficient means of data archiving. This is due to the many benefits of more modern solutions.

Digitising your aperture cards will enable your business and personnel to enjoy:

Flexible User Access

Scanned information from Aperture Cards can enable multiple users to access the information.  Images can be stored on your own document management solution, on your desktop or in our secure cloud based document management system.  We can quickly set up access to our cloud solution, enabling  authorised members of staff to view and edit digital documents from a variety of locations, vastly improving the efficiency of document handling and providing an electronic audit trail for your documentation.

Saved Space

Converting Aperture Cards to a digital format means that the originals are no longer needed. If Aperture Card storage was your primary method of archiving files, the disposal of these originals will save your company a significant amount of storage space, which can be re-utilised for core business activities.

Protected From Damage

Aperture Cards are extremely susceptible to damage, due to their small size and flimsy structure. By transferring to an electronic format, your files are protected from unforeseen physical accidents, and can be backed up as many times as you desire.

Faster Retrieval Of Files

Vast volumes of digitally indexed files can be searched through via a simple file search. By eliminating the time it takes to find one specific file previously stored on an Aperture Card, your employees can focus their time on more important activities.

For further details on our aperture card scanning services call 0800 046 8081 todayQuick Quote