Book Scanning Service

Book Scanning Service

book scanning services from cleardata

Cleardata is one of the largest document scanning companies in the UK, with secure onsite document storage facilities. The company is accredited to ISO27001 for information security and provides secure book scanning scanning services . We have invested in the latest technology for our bureau,  including the Unionovo CN1 cradle book scanner.

Cleardata provide book scanning services from many blue chip businesses, public sector and NHS clients. View our testimonials here.

The company provides a 200% quality checking service with bespoke audit trail software, setting us apart from other bureau’s.  We have a bespoke bureau management system to monitor our scanning production and output.

Our team can collect from any UK location, using securely tracked vehicles.

Our Unionovo CN1 V-cradle Book Scanner performs book scanning quickly and easily. It combines easy camera control with automatic focusing, meaning it can scan up to 950 pages per hour. Pages are captured whilst lying in a naturally flat position which removes the need for post processing , it also does not damage books in the process.  Decreasing post production work, the Unionovo CN1 also improves optical character recognition results.

Our book scanning services…

  • We can scan any books up to A3 in size, whatever thickness.
  • The two sensors on our Unionovo individually capture the left and right hand page.
  • We can also scan in color and in mono, dependent on the book.
  • We scan any type of book from an encyclopedia to a short story! We are experienced in scanning all types of books including medical journals, laboratory notebooks and diaries.
  • These scanners are ideal for preserving the books and are popular with conservation and preservation members.
  • The bureau is set up to provide bulk scanning services, capturing over 3 million images each month.
  • We have a team of IT experts who can convert your imaging to formats such as: single page PDF, multi page PDF, JPG, TIFF, BMP and RAW. 
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  • Books collected from UK locations using our securely tracked fleet of vehicles
  • All documents checked using bar codes
  • Information is stored in our secure premises
  • Books are prepared for scanning
  • Bureau team digitise your books using latest book scanning technology
  •  Image quality is checked by two separate operators
  •  Digital Indexing is completed to your requirements
  • Clients can choose to have digital images output via CD, DVD, memory stick, or online cloud document management system
  •  Records can either be returned, stored in our secure archive facility or securely shredded
  • Save time and money searching for paper records
  • Find digital records quickly and easily
  • Re-utilise office space for core business activities
  • Back up and protect your books and paperwork