Cheque Scanning Service

Cleardata offers secure cheque scanning services from its UK scanning bureau. Cheque Scanning ServicesOutsource your incoming cheques to our accredited facility and our team will open, sort and scan them using the latest technology.

The company is accredited for Information Security, Quality Management Systems, Legal Admissibility of Electronic Information, Cyber Essentials Plus and is self certified for PCI Compliance.

Cheque scanning is completed in our  digital mailroom, which has separate entry access, broadband and assigned staff to ensure the highest security for financial data.  A full audit trail is provided by user, time and date.

Cheque Scanning Services Outline

  • Cheques diverted via a PO Box
  • Opened and scanned, together with original documentation
  • Separated following the scanning process
  • Cheque images uploaded to Cleardata’s secure cloud document management system, with fast access for your authorised users
  • The cheques are batched, labelled and stored until client verifies and tallies the number of cheques and totals
  • Once verified, cheques are banked
  • Secure daily collection provided via G4S for banking in their handling centre.
  • Relevant receipts logged and scanned to provide a full audit trail.

Cheque Scanner Technology

Cleardata has invested in Canon CR-120 cheque scanners which can digitise up to 120 cheques per minute.  The cheques are read by both magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) and OCR software, with the two sets of results cross checked for accuracy by a unique algorithm.  The cheque scanner has built-in ultraviolet sensors which can authenticate anti-fraud logos in cheques and also identify surface rubbing which may indicate tampering.

Secure Premises

Cleardata’s Scanning Bureau is protected by 24 hour CCTV, perimeter fencing, Redcare Security, biometric access control and VESDA (very early smoke detection alert) systems.

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For further information about Cleardata’s Cheque Scanning Services contact our team or call 0800 046 8081.