Day Forward Scanning Services

Cleardata Offers Day Forward Scanning Services, enabling documents to be scanned as they are produced in your day to day business activity. By utilising a day forward scanning strategy you choose a launch date, any documents from this point are scanned, anything prior to this date can take advantage of our “back scanning services“. Once digitised paperwork can be returned quickly to your team, via ftp, memory stick or dvd.  Alternatively records can be uploaded to our Cloud Document Management Solution.

Documents stored in the cloud can be accessed from any location using a web browser.  This is an ideal solution for businesses with multiple premises or locations,  to enable their staff to share and collaborate information easily.  Using workflow technology, digital images can be routed to the correct person in your business to process quickly and easily.

Cleardata offers secure scanning bureau services, from modern UK premises.  Facilities are protected by the latest in fire and water detection systems and our team are all security cleared.  We also offer onsite scanning services for businesses who don’t want their documents to leave their premises.

Day Forward Scanning Technology

The bureau utilises Kodak scanning technology, as we believe their production scanners offer the best in terms of scanning volume and quality.  We have a fleet of  high production scanners, combined with  large format  scanners, capable of capturing millions of images per month.  Our technology can digitise any size of image, from small format all the way to large format maps and plans.

Scanned documents can be securely archived, returned or shredded using our industrial shredding equipment.

Can you collect my documents?

Cleardata has a fleet of vehicles, who can securely collect your documentation from anywhere in the UK.  Records are checked in using bar-code technology.

What formats can you provide for digital images ?

Clients often ask what formats can be provided for digital images.  The most common outputs are PDF and TIFF, however Cleardata can output your images to any required format.  Our IT team will work with you to ensure your records are output in a format compatible with existing office systems.

Is your bureau accredited and secure?

Cleardata is accredited for Information Security (ISO27001) and Quality Management Systems (ISO9001).  The bureau has also been self certified for PCI Compliance, to handle financial information and independently audited by many financial, health care and pharmaceutical organisations.

For futher details about Cleardata’s Day Forward Scanning Services, call 0800 046 8081 or contact our team.