Document Scanning Bureau

Document Scanning Company

Cleardata’s document scanning bureau is one of the largest in the UK, with secure onsite document storage facilities. The company is accredited to ISO27001Cleardata Document Scanning Services for Information Security, ISO9001 for Quality Management and Cyber Essentials. Our scanning bureau is one of the first to be assured to the new BS 10008:2014 standard for legal admissibility.

We are able to scan any size or type of document and we deliver solutions for many blue-chip businesses, public sector and NHS clients.

The company provides a 2 x 100% quality checking service and has a unique bureau management system, providing a secure audit trail for your documentation, recording information by user and process. Documents are quality checked during the scanning process and again by our dedicated quality checking team.

Cleardata can return your images in any required format.  Data can be returned on CD, DVD, USB or Secure FTP.  We also offer a low cost cloud document management solution and can upload your images to the cloud, enabling you to access your information from any location.

What can we scan?

Cleardata can scan any size of document or image from small format documents such as tickets or receipts, right up to large format drawings or plans.  The document scanning bureau is set up to provide bulk scanning, capturing over 4 million images each month.

Kodak scanners can handle documents quickly and easily, capturing over 410 images per minute, automatically recognising colour images and producing high-quality digital images. This technology provides exclusive paper feeding, easily handling documents of different sizes, weights and types to deliver high document scanning productivity.  Cleardata’s scanning team are trained to handle documents securely and the company is accredited for quality managed systems.

Our large format scanning solution makes use of Canon technology and is capable of capturing images up to A0 in size, we regularly provide drawing scanning services for architects, contractors and utility companies.

Prior to scanning,  documents are prepared by our bureau prep team, with all staples and paper clips removed.  After the scanning process a 200% quality checking service is provided, with all images checked by two separate operatives.  Documents can be digitally indexed by our IT team, using any required key fields.  This enables you to find your digital documents quickly and easily using quick search functionality.

File scanning services are provided, records can be removed from lever arch files or ring binders as required.  After scanning, paperwork can be returned to your business, stored in our secure archive facility or shredded at our site, to a high level of security.

Cleardata has scanned many types of documents, including: insurance claims; surveys; financial records; receipts; tickets and barcode labels.  Our clients include blue chip companies, local authorities, pharmaceutical companies and NHS Trusts.

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What about security? Secure facility

The document scanning bureau is combined with a secure storage and shredding facility. Security is paramount in all our processes and building features. We can provide a full audit trail throughout the scanning process from collection to completion thanks to our barcode management system. Documents are:

  • Checked in using barcode technology
  • Protected by VESDA early fire detection alert systems, Redcare security, biometric fingerprint entry and water detection systems
  • Accessed only by Disclosure checked employees
  • Cyber Essentials Plus certified

Why Choose Us?

  • Collection: Secure collection service using our fleet of tracked vehicles
  • We’re accredited to ISO standards: ISO9001/2015 and ISO27001 for the highest level of information security
  • We’re innovative in our technology: We set the standard in scanning, with the latest IBML & Kodak scanning hardware
  • We provide a 2 x 100% quality checking service: Every document scanned is checked twice by our dedicated quality checking team to ensure the best quality scan possible.
  • Legal Admissibility: Document scanned to BS 10008 for legal admissibility
  • We scan over 11 million images every month: Our high volume scanners digitise millions of images using the latest technology
  • We can output to any required format: Data can be returned on USB or Secure FTP
  • Cloud document management solution: We offer a cloud document management solution.  Scanned images can be uploaded to the cloud, providing flexible access to your information from any location.   Arrange a demo.
For further details about our document scanning services call 0800 046 8081 today or use our instant quote tool online now!Quick Quote

Document Scanning Company Process

  • Records collected from UK location using our securely tracked fleet of vehicles
  • Documents checked in using bar codes
  • Information is stored in our argon gas protected room
  • Records are prepared for scanning,   staples and paper clips removed
  • Bureau team digitise your paperwork
  • Image quality is checked by two separate operators
  • Digital indexing completed
  • Documents output to required digital format by our IT team
  • Clients can choose to have digital images output via CD, DVD, memory stick or secure FTP
  • Cloud Document Management Solution Option – we can upload your images to the cloud, providing full document management, flexible access and clever search functionality
  • Records can either be returned, stored in our secure archive facility or securely shredded

Document Scanning Company – Benefits

  • Scanning your documents frees up valuable office space. 28 filing cabinets can fit onto 1 DVD!
  • Save time and money searching for paper records
  • Find digital records quickly and easily
  • Re-utilise office space for core business activities
  • Back-up and protect your information and paperwork