Document Scanning Edinburgh

Cleardata provides secure document scanning and document management services for businesses and organisations based in Edinburgh and the surrounding area. Digitising your documents makes them easier to access and manage, as well as freeing up your office space. Document Scanning Edinburgh

As an ISO9001 and ISO27001 accredited company, data protection and quality management are at the heart of our service, ensuring your information is handled securely throughout the process. Cleardata works with a range of companies across multiple industries in Edinburgh and the rest of the UK, scanning documents of any size and format.

Document Scanning Benefits

  • Data is recorded more securely. Different permissions and authorisations can be set on digitised documents, and information is kept more securely than in physical filing.
  • Document access is quick and easy from multiple locations. This increases the efficiency of your staff, as they can access information much more easily, spending more time on the core aspects of their jobs.
  • Files are backed up and protected from any incidents such as theft, fire, or flood that would normally lose your physical documents.
  • Space can be freed up in your building without the need to store documents on site. This extra space can then be used more efficiently.

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 The Scanning Process

  •  Images are prepared for scanning – staples and paperclips are removed, folded corners are straightened, and any poor quality issues are identified. 
  •  Documents are scanned with state-of-the-art Kodak technology, providing the highest quality image every time. As an approved Kodak partner, we offer reliably high productivity and fast turnaround, with scanning technology capable of digitising up to 420 images every minute.
  • Cleardata provides a 200% quality check, by inspecting the images at the point of scanning and again afterwards by our dedicated QC team.
  • Images are indexed to suit your business needs.
  • The digital images are returned by SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol), Hard Drive or USB. Cleardata also offers cloud-based document management, for secure image storage with access as required.

Document Storage Edinburgh

Safe document storage is a vital and yet sometimes overlooked necessity for every business. By not storing your documents securely, you could be at risk of creating fraud or data protection issues. Documents could be lost or mislaid, stolen, or accessed without authorisation.

 Cleardata provides professional document storage in a secure and controlled facility for businesses throughout Edinburgh.

  •  Documents are collected and delivered with Cleardata’s own vehicle fleet.
  • Our premises have enhanced security features, including biometric entry, very early smoke detection alert systems, water detection, and security systems with a live link to the emergency services. 
  • Cleardata provides a scan-on-demand retrieval service, enabling clients to request files online. The documents are retrieved, scanned and digitally returned within hours of the request.
  • Each client receives a bespoke archive management system, allowing users to view archives in storage, together with the box status and any other activity such as file retrievals by user, time and date.

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Document Shredding Edinburgh

If you no longer wish to keep physical files after the scanning process, Cleardata offers a secure document shredding service to dispose of documents with the utmost security and in compliance with environmental legislation. For additional peace of mind, a certificate of destruction is provided following disposal.

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Business in Edinburgh

Named best place to start a small business in the UK in 2017, businesses in Edinburgh are thriving in every sector. Fast internet, affordable office spaces, and a large talent pool of university graduates equate to the perfect breeding ground for small start-ups. There is ample opportunity and support available for businesses in Edinburgh, including free support from City of Edinburgh Council, incubators, and grants and funding.

Entrepreneurs from both SMEs and established companies have helped turn Edinburgh into a national tech hub. The city’s small size has developed a strong social network, and we are proud to be working with such an inclusive community.

Cleardata is the ideal document scanning and management partner for Edinburgh businesses. Whether your organisation is newly-founded or well-established, we can help increase efficiency, profitability, and security in your company. For more information on our expert document services, call today on 0800 046 8081 or get in touch via our contact form.