Document Scanning – Output to Virtual Cabinet

Cleardata provides high volume document scanning services throughout the UK.  Our bureau digitises over 4 million images Document Scanning Services - Virtual Cabinetper month using the latest Kodak scanning technology.

The company is certified for Information Security, Quality Management Systems and Legal Admissibility. All images are quality checked twice and any changes made to the original image, due to quality is recorded via our unique audit system.

Digitised images can be output to PDF or TIFF format in any required dpi. Both formats are compatible with the Virtual Cabinet Document Management System.

  • Scanned items can be classified by operatives and indexed with the relevant metadata.
  • We can apply metadata to your images based on any existing rules. In order to assess this, we will need to look at existing documents and the way you currently index your documents in Virtual Cabinet e.g.  Document Type, Client Name, Date of Birth, Description or National Insurance Number.
  • Metadata can be output as a single line per file, so it can be imported with the full path/filename, as well as all other indexing information as comma-separated values.
  • The metadata will be applied at the point of scanning and exported along with the digital image to a secure SFTP site to enable upload to your Virtual Cabinet System.  Metadata can be output by CSV, TXT or XML in comma-separated or quote delimited format.

Source: Virtual Cabinet Demo

Virtual Cabinet enables images to be imported via a network share,  or directly from a scanner (with relevant licenses).  Cleardata can return your images via secure SFTP for upload into the system.

Cleardata has an experienced Scanning IT Team who will work in partnership with your organisation to ensure digitised data is output in a compatible format, with associated metadata.  The company has completed previous successful projects for import into Virtual Cabinet.

For further information about Cleardata’s Document Scanning Services contact our team on 0800 046 8081.

Benefits of Document Scanning

  • Save employee time scanning documents
  • Reduce physical archive storage costs
  • Protect and back up paper records
  • Improve document management
  • Faster retrieval times
  • Ensure regulatory compliance e.g document retention, protection of personal data