Survey & Form Design Services

Form Design Services

Cleardata offers a wide range of form design and automated data capture services to enable you to digitally process forms quickly and easily. Our team can help with:-

Clever Form design –  using bar codes and intelligent data capture design tools we can enable surveys and forms to be scanned with high capture rates, reduce manual data entry requirements, increase data accuracy and automate your data capture processes.

Printing and distribution services –  print your forms for you and distribute using our secure mailroom services

Scanning and Intelligent Data Capture – Scan high volumes of surveys in our secure document scanning bureau and output your data in any required format.  We can also use Kofax software to intelligently extract and verify data from your forms.

Reporting – Design bespoke spreadsheets to analyse your captured data, set up regular reporting for your business from incoming data.

We can create both bespoke digital solutions, designed specifically to meet your business needs or we can create specialist form designs so when handwritten, forms can be scanned and processed easily.

Cleardata have designed forms and surveys for a wide range of clients for multiple purposes, including:

  • Questionnaire form design
  • Market research
  • Applications forms
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Patient/client information


Data Entry Forms

Form design is extremely important for scanning capture and automated processing and it should be designed with this in mind.  Scanning capture rates can be low if forms aren’t designed correctly. Unfortunately most businesses won’t realise this until too late and this can be a costly process.

Here at Cleardata, we have our own software solution for scanning and automated data capture, so we understand the importance of getting the form right. We know the struggles that handwriting can play with Intelligent Character Recognition and so we design our forms with this processing in mind.

Intelligent Forms Capture

Cleardata can process both handwritten and printed data from forms and surveys.  Our intelligent data capture software is able to recognise bar codes, handwriting, signatures and answer boxes. We can digitise your information so you can easily search and retrieve relevant information for your business.

Benefits of data entry forms:

  • Reduce human error
  • Easier to capture and process data
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Benefits of form design services:

Cleardata’s form design services have multiple benefits for your business including:

  • Correct form design. Handwritten responses on form make data capture difficult. We can make make forms using data capture design tools and bar codes with high data capture in mind.
  • Quick and easy results. We can use our data capture software to extract specific data from your forms and output the data in a format readable for you. This will speed up your reading process so you can work with the results.
  • Readable data. We can create digital solutions for you so you can view your data in an easy format.
  • Easy distribution. We can use our secure mailroom services to distribute your forms for you.
  • Improved forecasting. Viewing results in a more efficient manner can lead to better data predictions for your business.