Intelligent Data Capture

Intelligent Data Capture Services

Cleardata offers precise data scanning solutions. Their OCR scanning service enables you to automatically extract specific text from your invoices, claim forms, letters or any other document type during the scanning process, saving huge amounts of time on data entry and improving accuracy of data capture. Captured data can be validated against key criteria, providing a streamlined approach for your data entry.

OCR Scanning Services refers to the process of using Optical Character Recognition technology to convert scanned text documents into fully searchable files. ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) is an aspect of OCR, and refers to the process of identifying different fonts and types of handwriting in a physical document and allowing for its future search.

Both solutions are provided to our clients through our use of powerful scanning software. This works by building a hidden layer behind the original scan that includes the recognised characters. When you perform a keyword search in the document, it is this hidden layer built during the imaging process which is actually highlighted.

A selection of some of the more popular types of documents which benefit from intelligent data capture technology  include:

  • Invoices
  • Claims
  • HR Documents
  • Purchase Order Forms
  • Application Forms
  • Surveys 

The practical benefit of intelligent data capture  is that lengthy printed documents can be returned as keyword-searchable files, allowing you to hone in on the information you are looking for. This is in comparison to spending a considerable amount of time manually searching through a physical book, manuscript or contract to find a particular piece of information.

Regardless of whether you have asked us to provide scans of financial invoices or of detailed engineering manuals, our ICR and OCR scanning solutions can fully convert any type of text-based document. The text is then able to also be edited within a text-editor such as Microsoft Word.

Thanks to our investment in industry leading scanning equipment, we can scan practically all possible types of text documents and run OCR and ICR software on the digital copy. Our combination of exceptional scanners and top-end OCR/ICR software (which operates at over 99% accuracy) means you will not find a closer to perfect recognition service elsewhere.

Your documents will finally be made available to you in your chosen format, with more popular examples including CD, memory stick and online document management . At this point, you have access to your entire catalogue of digital files, all of which have entirely searchable and editable contents.

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Benefits of Intelligent Data Capture

Searchable files

After scanning your documents, you will be able to search through your online files via keyword. This makes information easier to read and find specific information.

Online document management

Scanning your documents means you can manage your document online which makes editing, searching for and controlling access so much easier.

Increased space

Using our data capture services to scan your document means you can access all your documents online and no longer require the storage space for physical records.

Access of documents

Moving your documents online means you can access documents from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

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