Invoice Capture

Invoice Capture Process

Cleardata’s intelligent invoice capture and processing services can transform your supplier invoices into manageable data, enabling you to cut out unnecessary operating costs and focus on paying your suppliers on time.   We offer a complete outsourced service from mail room handling and sorting, document scanning, intelligent invoice capture, validation and processing using Kofax technology.

Our intelligent capture solutions can help your business automate manual processes, reduce costs and save time. Automated processing will improve data capture accuracy, speed up invoice processing, identify bottlenecks, reduce supplier queries and help your business go paperless.

Step by step approach

Our invoice processing service automatically captures data from your invoices, extracts and validates the data against key criteria and rules and provides a digital file, compatible with your existing financial system.

  • Invoice Capture at any point of origination: We can handle all formats of paper and digital invoices
  • Data Extract: Our solutions automatically extract the required data from your invoices
  • Validation: Extracted data is validated against pre-defined rules using ‘fuzzy logic’ to qualify the content
  • Release: Images and data are released to your target system(s) e.g. Sage, Oracle, SAP in any required format

Intelligent Invoice Capture Process

We can capture your invoices from any point of origination, e.g. multi functional printers, scanners, your mail room, email, fax or supplier networks, delivering touch less processing and dynamic case management. Our invoice scanning bureau captures over 3 million images every month.

Invoice verification

From time to time our solutions will detect a problem with an invoice; a mark on the page, missing data, a torn page, etc. When a problem is found, the system escalates the invoice to an Operator who verifies the content of the invoice and any captured data to ensure it is correct and complete.  Once completed, the invoice will be released as normal.  This manual intervention means that we can maximise the success of the service and keep your AP Operations running effectively.

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About Cleardata

Our company is secure , accredited for Information Security and Quality Management Systems.  All employees are security cleared.  Cleardata’s team of qualified consultants,  can assess and map out your existing invoice capture processes and recommend  digital technology to transform your business into a paperless environment,  using  automated invoice processing solutions.

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Our process

Cleardata offer a complete invoice capture service so we can capture your invoices from either paper or digital and make them compatible with your existing system.

  • Capture. We can capture your invoices from any point of origin including printers and your mail room.
  • Extraction. We extract the necessary data from your invoice using our Kofax technology.
  • Validation: We create pre-defined rules using ‘fizzy logic’ to check the data extracted is the information required.
  • Release: This information is then released into your financial system. We have experience working with all systems and formats including Sage and SAP.
  • Verification. If any problems are detected upon validation, e.g. a torn page, the page is sent to a staff member for verification to check all is correct with the content of the invoice. This will then be released as normal into your system.
We look forward to speaking to you about our invoice capture solutions. Call 0800 046 8081 or click to contact us Contact Us

Benefits for your business:

  • Data Accuracy. Our system has a verification process to check invoice content if any errors are detected.
  • Quicker process. Our automated system speeds up otherwise manual processes.
  • Reduce costs. An automated invoice system can reduce labour costs.
  • Quicker processing. Speedier extraction of data ensures invoices are processed more efficiently.
We look forward to speaking to you about our invoice capture solutions. Call 0800 046 8081 or click to contact us Contact Us