Invoice Scanning Services

Invoice Scanning Solutions

Cleardata offers bulk invoice scanning services throughout the UK. Our professional scanning bureau, captures over 36 million images per year and  is equipped with the latest invoice scanning software, to automatically extract key information from your invoices, taking the time out of manual processing.  This can save your business serious amounts of money and processing time.

Cleardata can help you with your invoice scanning in various ways, we can:-

Invoice Scanning Services

  • simply scan your archived paperwork
  • digitise your invoices on arrival
  • intelligently extract data into your own financial system
  • advise on a fully automated purchase 2 pay solution

Read our white paper on how to start automating the process of your invoices.

Have a look at our invoice processing testimonial video and discover how Cleardata helped Virgin Care transform their processes.

After scanning invoices, we can output to any required format, or offer advice on a fully automated, cloud based accounts payable solution, to manage the complete life cycle of your documents.

Think of Cleardata as your own invoice scanning and processing department, after all it’s our core business, so we’re good at it, offering excellent standards of service.  We’ve invested in the fastest scanners, secure bureau premises, accredited staff and offer a high production rate.  Our invoice scanning software can fully integrate with your current processing systems, helping to make the digital transition with minimal disruption to your day-to-day activities, as well as enjoying the benefits of a more efficient invoice scanning and processing solution.

Our invoice scanning experts would love to talk to you about your processing issues and provide a bespoke recommendation, depending on your needs.

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Choose an invoice scanning service to suit you…

Option 1 – Invoice Scanning

We can scan your invoices and export them to digital format. Digital images can be output to any format and returned on CD, DVD or uploaded to a secure FTP site.  The physical copies can then be returned to you, archived with Cleardata or securely destroyed using our industrial shredding equipment.

Cleardata’s Invoice scanning services are commonly used to:

  • Scan back archives of invoices to convert to digital format
  • Convert paper invoices on arrival, using our digital mailroom service
  • Documents can be scanned into any required format to suit your existing financial systems.

Add on:  Online Document Management

Upload documents to Cleardox EDM, our secure cloud document management system. Access your digital images from any location, search by any indexed field, add notes and messages to documents or assign tasks to other users.  Provides a fully managed electronic audit trail.  Cleardox EDM is a low cost, flexible solution.

Add on: Automated Invoice Data Extraction

Cleardata has invested in powerful capture software, enabling us to offer an automated invoice capture service.  We’re able to use this software to identify and extract key fields from your invoices. It’s a clever, intelligent software and learns how to handle invoice types, based on its previous experience with similar images.  We can extract as much, or as little information you require e.g.  invoice number, date, supplier name and amount.  Just let us know in the initial consultation and we’ll sort it out for you.

The invoice scanning software can  classify invoices by type and urgency, by recognising the keywords appearing within the document. After classification, the digitally scanned and processed invoices are manually checked by our trained team.  The data is then exported to a chosen digital format for you to access.  We’ll provide you with a list of true exceptions, our team will verify and process any scanning capture errors.

Add on: Automated Invoice Processing in the Cloud

You can also take advantage of a fully automated accounts payable solution in the cloud. Scans of your physical invoices can be uploaded to the solution, where key fields will be captured, interpreted and presented for you to verify.

After logging in to verify these findings, your digitised invoice will enter a workflow, for validation, approval and payment via your own financial systems e.g. Oracle or SAP.

Option 2: Consultancy Services – In-house Processing, Software and Scanning Investment

Despite our exceptional experience within this field, we also understand that your business may want to enjoy the benefits of automated invoice scanning and invoice processing whilst retaining your documents in-house.

We can provide you with the knowledge, scanning equipment and intelligent capture software should you wish to carry out your own scanning and processing of invoices.

Our team of experts offer:-

  • Consultancy services to understand and map out your existing processes, our experts are Prince2 Project Management Trained.
  • Recommendations and delivery of the best scanning hardware to suit your business needs. As a Kodak Platinum Partner and an experienced scanning bureau, we can quickly assess document volumes and match the best available scanning hardware.
  • Sales of Intelligent capture software, Cleardata is an approved ReadSoft partner.
  • Advice and guidance on how to set up your own in-house scanning team
  • Training for your staff, to provide high production and excellent quality digital images.

Whichever option you decide to choose, your business will be able to enjoy a drastic reduction in the costs associated with invoice handling. Choosing our fully outsourced process will allow the capture and extraction of important invoice data at a significantly faster rate than manual data entry, significantly reducing both the time and costs associated with cataloging invoice information.

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Invoice scanning with data capture

Invoice Scanning Services

About our bureau

  • A trusted scanning provider to UK businesses and public sector organisations
  • Cleardata uses Kodak i5800 scanners, capturing 410 images per minute, these are ideal for invoice scanning and capture and provide exceptional quality digital scans.
  • Our preparation team separate your invoices by type and prepare them for scanning.
  • The bureau offers 200% quality checking for all scanned images.
  • IT support, our IT team can export your images to any required format and will make sure they’re suitable for import into your existing financial or document systems.
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Invoice processing costs can quickly spiral out of your control.  Processing can commonly involve a lot of time from staff throughout your business, not just at clerical level, senior managers often get involved for authorisation and budget purposes. Problems can be caused by misfiled or lost paper invoices and inaccurate data entry.  Invoice bottlenecks can cause your accounts team to spend a large amount of time talking to suppliers, causing high phone costs and reduced time to spend actually processing invoices. Automating your processes through invoice scanning and intelligent software processing can help:-

Reduce costs

Manual data entry can be a labour intensive process to complete. These costs can be vastly reduced by switching to an automated processing solution.  Cut photocopying, stationary and phone costs.

Save valuable office space

Invoices no longer need to be stored physically on-site, as your business will have access to key invoice information from the comfort of your computer.

Eliminate data entry errors

One of the main weaknesses associated with manual data entry is the potential for human error. Utilising an automated process eliminates the time-wasted sorting out an innocent keystroke error.

Quicker workflow process

Ensuring your company is up to date with payments is key. An inefficient workflow process, with factors including manual data entry, can cause your company to fall behind when trying to manage outstanding invoices. By automating the extraction of key document information into a simple and centralised digital format, payments can be handled more efficiently and at a faster rate.

Faster retrieval

Index your digital Invoices by any key field. Search by invoice number, supplier name, reference etc, straight from your computer.  Provide flexible access to your digital invoices from any location.

Improve processing speed and monitor your outputs

Intelligent invoice capture will speed up the time it takes to process your invoices, identify any bottlenecks in your processing journeys and provide some great reports and statistics to monitor and continually improve your business efficiency.

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