Large Format Scanning

Large Format Scanning Services

Large Format Scanning Services

Cleardata provides professional large format scanning services from our UK bureau.  Our bureau features top of the range Canon scanners and printers, which can produce more space-efficient electronic versions of your large diagrams, plans and drawings in either mono or colour. Our drawing scanners will capture documents up to A0 in width but can cope with long drawings, up to approximately 2 metres.

We often capture wide format images, with long lengths. Our IT team can work wonders with most image sizes and can also clean up your images for you. The scanners can capture vellum, paper, transparency or any other type of drawing paper.

We can also print or photocopy your large format documents for your own use. This can allow you to sketch amendments on to your file without needing to damage the original document or produce several copies of an original plan.

So if your huge mountain of drawings are beginning to overwhelm your business, or if you just need multiple copies of your wide format documents, take a look at how our large document scanning services can provide the perfect solution.

Are you looking for cost and space-saving solutions for your large format documents? Our drawing scanning and large format scanning services can provide digital copies of your documents to an exceptional level of quality.

Why Choose Us?

  • Accreditation: The company is accredited for information security and quality management
  • Large Format Bureau: Our large-format bureau scanners can cope with any type of drawing, map or plan and output it to your preferred digital file. The bureau is fitted out with Canon M40 Large Format Scanners.
  • Quality Checking: Our drawing scanning comes with a 2 x 100% quality checking promise.  All scanned images are checked twice by our dedicated team.
  • Over 150,000 documents captured every day: We’ve invested in the latest document scanning technology and have a team of trained scanning staff.  We can scan bulk quantities of documents quickly and to a very high quality.
If you would like more details about what we offer in terms of large format scanning, then feel free to give us a call on 0800 046 8081 or use the instant quote tool on our website today!Quick Quote

What size drawings and large format documents can we scan?

Our large format team scans architectural drawings, maps, utility plans and documents, construction drawings on a daily basis.  The scanners can capture faint pencil marks and clean up areas on drawings, providing an exceptional quality digital image.

To us, large format is anything bigger than A3. A2, A1 and A0 are the standard drawing sizes we come across every day, however, we’ve scanned wide format drawings and wallpaper for a number of companies. Our IT team can export your drawings into any required image format and can also help clean them up to ensure the best possible quality.

Drawings often arrive at the bureau in rolls or folded in plastic poly pockets. We will treat your drawings even more carefully than you do. The majority of drawings captured are monochrome, but our scanners can capture both colour and monochrome images.

Security features?

Cleardata’s scanning bureau offers secure storage for your drawings and images. The site features a range of early fire detection, security and biometric entry systems to ensure your information is protected at all times. Drawings are:

  • Tracked using barcode technology to ensure they cannot be misplaced
  • Handled carefully by security cleared, trained staff to guarantee correct working practices
  • Stored in a secure facility, boasting fire detection, water detection, zoned security and argon gas protected storage to make sure your drawings are under the highest protection
Call us on 0800 046 8081 or use our instant quote tool on the website if you want to chat about our large format scanning services!Quick Quote

How to scan large drawings?

As with all of our scanning and imaging services, we can provide a personalised consultation to identify your particular drawing scanning needs. We can arrange collection of your drawings, using our own fleet of vehicles and security cleared personnel.  Our drawing scanning collection services cover the entire UK.

Our large format scanning process depends entirely on the service your business is looking for:

Cleardata’s process:

Option 1: Turn your large format drawings into digital format.

  • Drawing scanning collection services available from your office location
  • Documents arrive in our secure scanning facility
  • Scan plans, illustrations and large format documents using our powerful large format scanners to produce high-resolution digital copies.
  • Our large format scanners can capture A0, A1, A2 or A3 drawings, maps or plans
  • Quality checking – All scanned images will be checked twice by our quality team
  • Clean up – our  IT team  can clean up your images to produce high quality digital drawings.
  • Digital indexing – drawings are commonly indexed by drawing number, revision number and drawing title.  Once indexed this will allow you to digitally search and retrieve your information quickly and easily.
  • Drawings can be output into any image format, including JPEG, TIFF and PDF depending on your specification.
  • Your scans will then be sent to you via CD, DVD, memory stick or even via a secure FTP site for you to access on-line. You have full control over the format you receive your documents in.
  • On-line document management system – Cleardata can also provide access to your drawings via a low cost document management system, providing flexible access to your scanned images from any location.

 Option 2: Print or photocopy your original drawings.

We can provide printed copies of all types of documents up to size A0. This gives you the freedom to make physical edits to a copy of a document, or print multiple versions of the same drawing.

Your document has colour? No problem! Thanks to our investment in industry leading large document scanning and printing equipment, your digitised drawings will retain all original colours.

We can also provide onsite drawing scanning and printing if you would prefer to keep your documents at your premises. Our professional scanning and printing equipment can be taken directly to your place of work, and produce quality digital or physical versions of your large documents and drawings.

For further details about our drawing scanning service call 0800 046 8081 today or use our instant quote tool online now!Quick Quote


Choosing to take advantage of our large format scanning service can offer you the following benefits:

Saved Space

Large documents are of course more likely to take up valuable business space in comparison with typical paper files. By digitising your drawings, you can save significant space previously taken up by large drawings, whilst still having complete access to the information.

Easy access and retrieval

By uploading your drawings to an online document management system, authorised staff members can also enjoy full access to digital documents from any computer with an internet connection.

Multiple physical copies

Our high quality printing service offers the perfect solution for companies looking to produce several physical copies of an original plan. We can discuss exactly how many documents you require in our initial consultation.

Protection from damage

Having a digital back-up of your large documents, or even replacing them entirely with electronic versions, can safe-guard your business from unforeseen damage. Large plans and drawings can become troublesome to store onsite due to their size, and can be prone to fire and flood damage, as well as general wear-and-tear.

For further details about our drawing scanning services call 0800 046 8081 today or use our instant quote tool online now!Quick Quote