OCR Scanning Services

OCR scanning enables your scanned paper documents to become searchable.  This can be incredibly useful for businesses with high volumes of paperwork, as it provides digital data in an accessible manner, providing fast search and retrieval. 

Cleardata uses Kodak i5850s scanners which feature perfect page technology, providing the best digital image output with OCR technology.  Our bureau provides high volume OCR scanning services, digitising over 4 million images per month. Business documents can be scanned in bulk, saving time, providing increased compliance and helping them to be more efficient and profitable.

All scanned images are checked by two individual operators, providing a 2 x 100% quality assurance promise.  Cleardata provides scanned images to BS10008, providing assurance for legal admissibility of electronic information.

What is OCR scanning?

OCR stands for “Optical Character Recognition”. OCR software is programmed to recognise word-processed text by matching what it reads with stored images of letters, numbers and symbols. As it reads and recognises the written text, it recreates the data in a digital form allowing information to be searchable.

Digital Output

With bulk OCR scanning services from Cleardata, digitised images can be provided in any digital format.  The most common options are PDF, TIFF or JPEG. Our IT experts will work with you to ensure images are compatible with your existing business systems. 

Can OCR read handwritten text?

The type of OCR that is able to read handwritten text is called ICR (“Intelligent Character Recognition”), or Intelligent Data Capture. While traditional OCR technology works with structured forms and typed text, intelligent data capture is able to pull key information from the text that is written by hand, such as on feedback or membership forms.

The Benefits Of OCR Scanning

 A wide variety of business documents can benefit from OCR scanning, such as:

  • HR documents
  • Finance documents e.g. Invoices, credit notes or statements
  • Purchase orders
  • Application forms
  • Claims forms

1. Speed – Improve the speed of finding information in your digitised documents using OCR technology. 

2. Compliance – With GDPR compliance, companies need to be able to find information quickly in the event of a subject access request. OCR scanning can help improve your business compliance and speed up your file retrieval process. 

3. Space – If you digitise your paperwork and documents, you can free up valuable office space at your business premises.  For those businesses who need to retain a paper copy, Cleardata provides secure archive storage services, with the latest in security and fire detection systems. 

4. Protection – Protect and back up your paper records using OCR Scanning. Improve your business continuity plans and protect paperwork from disasters such as fire, theft or flood. 

Why choose Cleardata?

Cleardata is a full-service document management company that can provide a tailored solution to handle all your business document needs. As well as the actual scanning of your documents, the company also offers a range of complementary services, including digital mailroom services, electronic document management and archive storage. Cleardata has worked with a range of blue-chip organisations, local authorities, universities and other institutions, and is able to advise clients based on a wealth of experience.

Quality and security take precedence at Cleardata. The company is GDPR compliant, with assurance to BS 100012  and possess the ISO9001 & ISO27001 certifications in Quality Management and Information Security. Our services are trusted by the NHS, public sector organisations and businesses from a range of sectors.

To speak to Cleardata about our OCR scanning services or other document management services, get in touch today.