Photo Scanning Services

Photo Scanning Services

Cleardata offers photo scanning services throughout the UK.  Our document scanning bureau can digitise high volumes of photographs and index by any key field, e.g. subject, date or category. We use the latest Kodak technology, capable of capturing over 410 images per minute, so we can offer our customers an efficient bulk photo scanning service.

Why choose us?

  • Our bureau is secure and accredited to ISO27001 for Information Security
  • Managed by department for preparation, scanning, quality checking, indexing and IT
  • All scanned photo images are checked by two separate bureau operatives
  • We use high capacity Kodak i5800 scanners, providing  excellent quality digital image output
  • Images can be output in any required digital format e.g. pdf, tiff or jpeg
  • Our image scanning services are available for both small and large format images
  • Our advanced technology can offer bulk photo scanning so you receive a faster and more efficient service.

Digitising your photographs can help protect and preserve them for future generations to enjoy and also enable you to share historical photos through modern social media networks, e.g. Facebook or Twitter.  Once scanned and indexed your photographs will be easy to find and retrieve using a simple keyword tool, straight from your desktop.

For further details on our photo scanning services please call 0800 046 8081 today or use our instant quote tool online now!Quick Quote

Benefits of photo scanning:

Digitising images seems inevitable when you weight up all the benefits you can enjoy.

More Space

Over time images build up and we end up storing lots of pictures. Cleardata can scan these online so you can free up more space to be used in a more efficient manner.

Increased security

Digitising images is a great way to ensure they are protected from loss or damage. They are secure because you have a back up in case anything was to happen. There is also the security that viewing of the images can be restricted.

Find images easier

Photo scanning helps find images quicker and easier. Rather than flicking through albums, you have instant access to the images online.

Easier access

Scanned images online are easier to access from other locations. You can keep scanned documents and photographs in a cloud management system so you can access these from anywhere that has an internet connection.