Document Storage Newcastle

Cleardata provides secure, professional document storage services, combined with fast digital retrieval for companies throughout Newcastle and the North East.  Our archive storage premises are based in Blyth, near Newcastle. Documents can be stored off-site in our state-of-the-art facility, freeing up your office space. Cleardata’s document storage warehouse has the highest levels of flood and fire security, extremely sensitive smoke alarms and secure biometric building entry, ensuring your documents are safe and secure.  The company has an onsite high production scanning bureau and shredding equipment to provide a full range of document management services. 

Cleardata comprehensive range of document storage services include:-

Document Collection

The company has its own fleet of secure vehicles to come straight to clients’ premises and collect their documents. The vans are tracked at all times to ensure that documents are kept safe and secure during transit.  The vehicles have daily collections throughout Northumberland, Tyne and Wear and Durham.  The company serves businesses throughout the UK, so if you have multiple business locations, this is no problem.   

Boxing Up

Our team can help with boxing up your files or documents, we can provide Cleardata archive boxes which are sturdy and designed with an integral lid to provide the highest security for your documents.

Archiving and Digital Indexing

Cleardata has a professional data entry team who can digitally index your business documents by any required field to ensure you can find informtion quickly and easily.  Each archive box is clearly labelled with a unique barcode and stored in a barcoded location.  Every time an individual interacts with a box, they check in, or out using barcode technology, providing a full audit trail by time, date, user and location.  This provides a full electronic audit trail for your records and allows us to locate information at the touch of a button.

Secure Document Storage

Once sorted and archived, your boxes of documents are kept in Cleardata’s secure document storage facility. Only authorised members of staff have access to the warehouse, which is ensured by a biometric fingerprint entry with zoned access controls. The site is monitored with 24/7 CCTV and provides advanced fire and flood controls, reducing the risk to your documents.

Cleardox AMS – Archive Management System

Cleardox AMS is Cleardata’s online archive and records management system. This provides an online statement of documents stored at Cleardata’s facility. With the ability to view box contents and filter by company or department. The system enables clients to manage their entire document lifecycle, with online functionality to order retrievals, manage keep until dates and automated notifications for boxes approaching destruction. Cleardox AMS makes archive organisation easy with remote access to document collections and deliveries, online archive statements, secure destruction, and much more.

Cleardox provides a visible audit trail of any physical interaction with your records by staff member, date and time, providing excellent security and data protection compliance for your archives.

Scan On Demand

As part of Cleardata’s digital services, they offer scan on demand for archived files. When you need to retrieve a file held in storage, you can simply request it via the online Cleardox Archive Management System. The team will retrieve and scan the file for you and you will receive it digitally within hours of your request. 

If you are a business based in Newcastle or the North East and are looking for secure, professional storage of your business documents, get in touch with Cleardata today. Call 0800 046 8081.


Cleardata’s services can bring a range of benefits for your business:

  • Full data protection – Cleardata takes data protection very seriously and is accredited with ISO27001 for information security. Full staff training and fingerprint entry to the storage facility ensure that data security is rigorously enforced.
  • Free up space – Storing your documents offsite will free up more space in your premises, which you can then use as additional office space or for other operational uses.
  • Save time searching for documents – Often, when documents are stored on-site, they aren’t efficiently archived and it can take staff a long time to locate individual documents. With professional document storage, this problem is eliminated.
  • Physical safety of documents – Paper documents are at risk of being destroyed should a disaster such as fire or flood occur. Cleardata’s archive storage facility has extremely sensitive smoke detectors and water detection systems to make sure documents are safe from these eventualities.