E-invoicing Services

Cleardata offers e-invoicing services and automated invoice processing solutions throughout the UK. We can save valuable time and money for your business through a suite of solutions, focused on transforming your manual finance processes. Cleardata’s services achieve a high level of automation for all your incoming invoices, no matter what format they arrive in. Data can be delivered through one connection into your financial system.

Cleardata is an accredited partner of the Accounts Payable Association.

You can pick and choose which service you’d like to receive, for example, we can help you with all your incoming invoices, or just deal with paperwork through our invoice scanning and intelligent capture solutions.

Cleardata offers:-

  • Invoice Scanning
  • Intelligent Invoice Data Capture
  • Diverted email, automatic sorting and data capture for emailed invoices
  • Exception handling – identification of non compliant invoices, with emailed notifications
  • Invoice management, automated approvals and invoice workflow
  • E-invoicing or EDI solutions

Invoice Capture from any point of origination

Invoice Processing

Invoices commonly arrive in different ways for businesses, whether you’re an SME or a large company receiving high volumes, you’ll probably receive invoices in paper and electronic format by post, email e.g. PDF, Excel or Word Documents, as well as e-invoices from various systems or via EDI (electronic data interchange.)

How Can Cleardata Help

  • Paper invoices – divert to our invoice scanning mail room and our invoice processing team will open, sort and scan them. We’ve invested in high production Kodak scanners, providing exceptional high quality scanned images, to ensure no digital image issues occur.
  • Automated capture – Once scanned, we can automatically capture data from your invoices and return via a data feed in your required format. We have a qualified IT team who will work with you to ensure data is compatible with existing office systems.
  • Emailed invoices – divert incoming emails to our bureau and we’ll sort them on arrival, automatically capture the data and provide a daily feed to save you time processing electronic invoices arriving in multiple formats e.g. PDF’s, Word or Excel documents.
  • E-invoices – Cleardata utilises Pagero’s e-invoicing (EDI) solution, which has connections in place to work with the majority of EDI solutions. The solution enables automated sorting & enhancement, provides a self-service directory – allowing businesses to easily search/add new customers or suppliers – provides improved reporting and management information and identifies bottlenecks in invoice processes.
  • Cloud Web Portal – there are zero cost e-invoicing options for your smaller suppliers to send their e-invoices via the portal.


Cleardata’s invoice processing bureau is accredited for Information Security, Quality Management and Legal Admissibility. The company is also certified to Cyber Essentials Plus. Our premises are protected by enhanced security and fire detection systems. All staff are security cleared to the highest levels.

Automation and Accuracy

Our e-invoicing services and solutions can save large amounts of time on manual data entry, as well as increasing the accuracy of your processing. This can reduce costly errors such as duplicate payments.

Cleardata’s e-invoicing system can be used by suppliers of all sizes. Even those businesses who don’t have an existing electronic system can easily submit and send e-invoices through an easy to use portal. These are then transferred straight to your financial system automatically, eliminating the time and effort required for manual processing.

The system sorts and validates incoming invoice data, as well as automatically correcting erroneous data where permitted. Incorrect or incomplete invoices can also be sent back to the supplier to be rectified.

Cleardata can provide your business with an advantageous and comprehensive e-invoicing services. If you would like more information then please do not hesitate to contact our team or call 0800 046 8081.

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