Efficient Document Management for Mergers, Acquisitions or Takeovers

Digitise Paperwork for efficient merger & acquisition management.
We’ve heard of a few acquisitions announced in the last month, with BT’s takeover of EE the latest. For those companies going through mergers, takeovers or acquisitions, the paperwork process can be arduous.

The due diligence and verification of information process is time consuming and when companies finally come together, a process of “best practice transfer” normally ensues.

Analysis of employees, systems and operational procedures can  be lengthy, especivideally when existing systems are paper-based. HR, Finance and Corporate Functions are often examined, with a focus of bringing records and information together to explore efficiencies, improve customer service, provide management information, create asset registers and ensure compliance throughout the company.

Document scanning and Electronic Document Management of information in the cloud can help businesses to analyse and bring information together faster, in one central point.  This enables your management or acquisition team to make quicker decisions, by providing flexible access to information and an electronic audit trail for data, from any office location.

Scanning bureaus like Cleardata can digitise high volumes of paperwork quickly and efficiently. Data can be uploaded to the cloud for fast access and retrieval, in any required format. Cloud Document Management also allows project teams to communicate efficiently, allowing staff to add notes and tasks to documentation and assign tasks to other users.  Workflow can also be set up, enabling processes to be reviewed or authorised at the touch of a button.

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