Efficient Processing of Student Records

Universities and colleges deal with high volumes of application forms, which due to their nature need a fast response, but because of seasonal workloads can be difficult to manage.  Manual processing of this type of paperwork can be costly, demanding large amounts of time-consuming tasks,  such as data entry and causing delays in responding to applicants. Valuable office space can also be taken up by paperwork, with high archive costs.

Digital mail room, document scanning and automated capture software, offers an efficient alternative to  manual student records processing, including :-

  • Opening, sorting, scanning and classification of  applications on arrival
  • Verification and increased accuracy of incoming applications
  • Automated data extraction to reduce manual processing costs
  • Workflow to direct applications to the right person in your university or college
  • Fast record retrieval, through digital keyword search functionality
  • Digital archive of records, providing a secure backup of student files which can be shared and accessed by staff from multiple offices and locations.

Cleardata provides a digital mail room for student application forms, with forms being opened, sorted and scanned on arrival. Utilising clever data capture technology our team can automatically extract student information such as name, address, proposed course reference and date of birth, providing a digital data file for import into existing business systems.

Information can be verified on arrival, by checking data against existing university databases, e.g. course reference,  to provide accurate information. Once verified, applications can be sorted by type and automatically distributed to the correct person in the university to deal with and process.  Easy workflow buttons can also be set up to review, approve or decline the application, prompting letters to be sent out by back office staff.

For further information about Cleardata’s student application processing call 0800 046 8081.