Emergency Digital Mailroom – Now is the time for continuity!

Digital Mailroom Services from CleardataHandling incoming mail can be a challenge in the current pandemic with staff working remotely. Ensure incoming paperwork such as invoices, credit notes, claim forms and cheques continue to be processed effectively by outsourcing to a digital mailroom service.  

An emergency digital mailroom function is a great way of maintaining business continuity and keeping your processes moving, no matter what’s thrown at you. With home working being so prevalent, whether out of necessity or choice, a digital mailroom solution provides staff and business with a more agile way of working. Not having to send staff in to collect paperwork and post, helps safeguard employees, go paperless and operate efficiently. 

Emergency Digital Mailroom Strategy:

  • Our secure fleet can collect mail from any office location to clear your backlog
  • By setting up a PO Box  incoming mail can be diverted to one of our secure locations where it’ll be opened, sorted and scanned
  • Cheques received are scanned and banked through a secure G4S service
  • Files are indexed based on your specifications e.g. name, ID number, date of birth, etc
  • All digitised documents are sent back via Secure FTP or we’d recommend having them uploaded into our secure cloud document management system – Cleardox EDM  (link to Cloud Document)
    • Cleardox EDM provides accessible files from any device with an internet connection and browser
    • Workflow can be added to send documents to the correct team 
    • Managed permissions based document access to ensure document security
    • Full version control and an audit trail for document integrity
    • Search documents stored in Cleardox whilst using other systems e.g. Xero, Sage or Excel. 

This digital mailroom process is designed to give your business stress-free continuity. Call 0800 046 8081, contact our team today or alternatively request a quote