Explore multiple business benefits with digital mailroom services

Simple business processes like sorting mail and processing cheques can pose a problem for businesses who don’t have the capacity or time to spend on such tasks. Outsourcing business processes to a third party can save your company a lot of time, so your staff can focus on core business activities and increasing business profits.

electronic mailroomA digital mailroom service sees your mail being diverted to a third party who are equipped to sort and handle your paperwork as quickly as possible. Mail can be digitised and delivered to the correct people in a timely manner. This  speeds up the mailroom process and provides a secure electronic trail, which can show you exactly when your documents have been accessed and who has seen them.

Manual handling of cheques is a time-consuming process that could cost your company a lot of money. Cleardata’s electronic mailroom service includes a cheque processing service that ensure business cheques are banked as quickly as possible and the electronic trail allows you to monitor when cheques have arrived.

Mailroom software can improve customer response times and customer satisfaction. With its ability to quickly decipher document types, automated responses can be scheduled accordingly allowing you to communicate with your customers quickly.

Manual mailroom processes can be a time-consuming process and time costs money. Reduce business costs with our automated digital mailroom software. Cleardata are an ISO accredited scanning bureau who have a fully compliant electronic mailroom. The company has a team dedicated to the sorting and processing of incoming mail and they use the latest scanning technology so your mail is digitised in the clearest format.

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