Five Business Reasons For Outsourcing Archive Storage

Paperwork archives can rapidly build up in your business, producing significant ongoing costs for storage and staff time 5 Business Reasons to outsource archive storage. taken to find and manage records. If your company is experiencing “paperwork overload”, but you’re not quite sure if you’re ready for an offsite storage service, read Cleardata’s findings below on the 5 common reasons for outsourcing archive storage below.

1.Business Growth – Running Out Of Office Space

Business growth and running out of office space is one of the main reasons that trigger companies to begin to look for an offsite storage service. As a business expands it will naturally begin to generate a higher number of documents. However, without increased office space, these extra documents can easily begin to disrupt a business. Whilst searching for new premises can be both costly and time consuming, offsite storage helps to immediately free up space at a fraction of the cost.

2.Increased Security and Business Continuity

Increased security demands and business continuity can also prompt the need for offsite storage. Cleardata’s archive facilities offer a professional level of document security for all the confidential files and records found in a business. This not only ensures the day-to-today safety and security of your documents but is also a key part of a good disaster recovery strategy.

Every business has personal data that needs to be kept securely.  This is often held in paper form, for example, contracts, HR records, client data or even invoices. Keeping paperwork on your own premises can leave you open to business risk.  Consider if your business has secure processes in place, such as restricted access to filing cabinets or filing rooms, often this is not the case in open plan offices. It can be problematic keeping track of people coming in and out of premises/departments on a daily basis and understanding who has accessed your records.  A major issue in lost or mislaid paperwork is people misfiling or simply not returning information.

Cleardata is ISO27001 accredited for Information Security and only authorised personnel have access to archives, using zoned areas and fingerprint access entry systems. All archives are tracked from collection and throughout every physical interaction using bar code technology. This is then recorded in Cleardata’s Cleardox Archive Management System, providing a full electronic audit trail.

Similarly, offsite document storage can also play a key role in business continuity. If your documents are stored onsite and a disaster such as a fire or flood strikes, it can be devastating for your business. If all your important documents are lost, it can be very hard to recover. Cleardata’s warehouse has water detection systems, as well as extremely sensitive smoke alarms to protect documents from a fire.


Moving premises can often spark businesses to look for offsite storage. Whether your new premises cannot facilitate the number of documents you currently store, or you simply want a paperless solution in your new office, without being surrounded by cumbersome filing cabinets taking up space, offsite storage can be the perfect solution.

What’s more, Cleardata’s archive team can index your archived documents for you.  All archive boxes are clearly labelled using barcodes and tracked through any physical movement/interaction.  The archives are also entered into their Cleardox Archive Management System. Cleardox allows authorised users to perform online file requests, triggering a scan-on-demand retrieval, where files are retrieved, scanned and digitally sent within hours.  The system also allows users to manage destruction or keep until dates, ensuring you only keep paperwork for the necessary time. These archive storage solutions and services can give you confidence in storing documents offsite, securing your paperwork and speeding up your business processes moving forward.


Particularly in the wake of last year’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), more and more businesses are undergoing a mass review of their data and paperwork held in storage.

Whilst going through this process, it is common to find documents that are no longer needed or are only required to be kept until a specific storage date. With offsite storage from Cleardata you can remotely manage key legal dates for a document using the Cleardox Archive Management System, allowing you to remain in control of your documents even when they are stored offsite. This allows you to stay on top of retention periods and destruction dates. Professional and thorough management of your documents allows users to locate a specific document with ease should you need to provide proof of this or access and erase documents in line with an employee’s right to be forgotten.

5. Staff Time and Costs Spent on Archive Management

If business expansion is on the horizon for you and your company, then offsite storage can help you to be more productive.With documents stored elsewhere, your employees will be able to work more efficiently, no longer wasting time searching through old filing cabinets for a certain piece of paper.

Some companies even have their documents stored in lock-ups – separate buildings that employees have to travel to in order to locate a document. Once there, it can take staff a while to find what they’re looking for. Lockups are often accessible to a few members of staff, making it difficult to manage archives effectively.  Problems such as boxes being stacked and moved can make it difficult to keep track of and find paperwork quickly. All of this can waste valuable staff time and money on travel and fuel costs. With Cleardata’s archive management system, staff can quickly and easily access the documents they need right from their desk.

Lock up storage vs managed archive storage

Archive and Scanning Solutions from Cleardata

If you simply want your paperwork storing securely, then Cleardata has you covered with its secure storage facilities with biometric entry, 24 hour CCTV and extremely sensitive smoke alarms. For businesses needing documents converted to digital format, Cleardata’s high speed scanning bureau can complete this with ease. The company even offers clever intelligent capture technology to automatically extract key information from paper documents. After digitisation of documents they can keep your paper documents stored and archived or carry out secure destruction. Whatever the perfect solution is for your business, Cleardata can help.

For more information about how Cleardata’s secure document storage services could help you, please get in touch. Contact the friendly and professional team today on 0800 046 8081.