Freedom of Information Request Management

Last week saw the Information Commissioners Office announce that it is monitoring the Home Office and other public authorities, after concerns were raised over the time taken  to respond to freedom of information requests.   Organisations must respond to a freedom of information request within 20 working days.

So what is a Freedom of Information (FOI)  Request?  

This enables anyone to ask any public sector organisation a question about information recorded for any subject matter.

Is your public sector organisations set up to deal with Freedom of Information Requests effectively?

Pulling together information can be problematic for authorities and organisations dealing with large amounts of paperwork from multiple departments and locations.  These requests could involve retrieving information from many different types of documents, such as handwritten minutes of meetings, documents, plans, housing information, surveys or notes.  Basically people can query information held or recorded on any subject from schools, colleges, government departments, health authorities, doctors etc.

What solutions are available to help companies manage requests efficiently?

Document Scanning – Digitise your paperwork 

Digitising paperwork could help your company or organisation to pull together information quickly and within the necessary time scales. Document scanning bureaus like Cleardata, can scan your paperwork or information and digitally index it by any key field. Enabling you to find information simply and quickly using a keyword retrieval tool.

Digital mail room solutions

Incoming paperwork can be sorted, digitised and distributed on arrival, removing all existing paperwork and enabling information to be searched and retrieved quickly and easily.

Outsource your document storage to a fully managed archive facility

Outsourcing your archived paperwork to a secure archive facility could improve your archive management and help you retrieve information faster and more efficiently.   Information and paperwork stored offsite can be indexed as required and digitally retrieved within a small timeframe of your initial request, using an efficient scan on demand service.

Storing data in a secure facility will also help free up valuable office space, save time searching for and retrieving information and improve compliance with the data protection act.  Managed archiving will provide your organisation with managed destruction dates, secure document destruction services and an electronic audit trail can also be provided for data access and security purposes.

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