Go paperless, access information from any location 

Cloud document file sharing

Go paperless with Cleardata’s document management and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions. These services save time, space and money, so you can optimise your processes and focus on high-value activities that increase profitability.

As more and more companies move towards paperless methods, it seems that these practices are benefiting from changes to working methods. Cleardata’s document management services free up valuable office space and allow secure, flexible access to records from any location, supporting flexible working and social distancing following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Cleardata is a leading document management company, with our scanning bureau being one of the largest in the UK, equipped with secure document storage facilities and digitising more than 5 million images per month. We’re accredited to ISO27001 for Information Security, BS10008 for Legal Admissibility of Electronic Information and ISO9001 for Quality Management, so no matter what solution you choose to go paperless with, you can rest assured that your documents and data are well-protected.

How Can I Create A Paperless Office?

Cleardata’s document management services can help you go paperless in combination with RPA.

Document Scanning

Create a paperless office by digitising records at Cleardata’s secure scanning bureau –  28 filing cabinets can fit onto 1 DVD! We use the latest Kodak technology to digitise your documents to the highest resolution and provide a 2 X 100% quality checking service.

  • We can scan any size or type of document, from tickets and receipts to large format drawings and plans. Our bureau is also set up to provide bulk scanning services.
  • Documents are available for digital retrieval throughout the process via scan on demand and a full audit trail is provided
  • Our team can present your images in any required digital format including PDF, TIFF and JPEG 
  • Digitised images can be digitally returned to you via CD, DVD, USB, SFTP or our cloud document management service, eliminating the need for paper copies and enabling easy access to data from any location, supporting flexible working practices.
  • To support your paperless office, digitised documents can be stored in our secure facility or shredded at our site to high levels of security. 

Archive Management

Outsource archive storage to Cleardata’s secure facility, equipped with enhanced fire detection and security systems. The removal of documents and storage equipment from your office will free up valuable space for more productive purposes and help you better introduce social distancing.

  • Records will be boxed up and indexed according to your requirements, providing you with an online statement of all archives stored with us and helping you improve GDPR compliance. 
  • Monitor records online via our archive management system, Cleardox AMS. 
    • Access and monitor a full audit trail of physical activity with your records from any location, supporting flexible and home working.
    • Our Scan on Demand service enables you to easily access documents stored with us. Just submit a document request via Cleardox AMS as and when you need them and have it digitally returned to you within hours. 
    • Manage retention dates efficiently to improve compliance with automated notifications when documents reach end of life
  • Cleardata also offers a secure document destruction service, carried out in accordance with BS EN 15713 for the secure destruction of confidential material and environmental legislation.

Digital Mailroom

Go paperless by diverting incoming mail to Cleardata’s digital mailroom. We’ll open, sort and scan your mail before sending it back to you via SFTP (secure file transfer protocol) or our cloud-based document management system where they will be indexed to your requirements. Free up valuable office space in your facility and save time searching through physical documents. 

  • Cleardata can use Intelligent Data Capture software to automatically extract data from your documents to validate information and index them according to your requirements such as name, customer number or date
  • Incoming invoices and cheques can also be diverted to Cleardata and digitised for use, and cheques securely banked on your behalf

Electronic Document Management System

Our cloud-based Electronic Document Management System, Cleardox EDM, is a digital filing cabinet for all of your documentation. Records can be scanned into the cloud-based cabinet and indexed according to your rules and requirements to save time when searching for documents. 

  • The cloud-based system eliminates the need for paper records, provides a full audit trail and can be sent automatically to specific people or departments regardless of where in the world they are to support flexible and home working practices.
  • Easily read digitised documents with an inbuilt PDF viewing tool
  • Monitor document activity with a full audit trail by user, date and time
  • Restrict access to information by user, role or department to ensure document security
  • Version control allows you to stay up to date on the latest changes with version number, date and size, minimising the need to print and email multiple versions of the same document
  • Efficiently search for and view documents from any location. Our fast search functionality allows you to quickly use keywords, favourite searches and advanced features to quickly locate data for use.

Robotic Process Automation

Our Robocloud team provides robotic process automation as a service. The digital workforce can automate many mundane manual activities and paperwork processing for your employees. Our team of consultants can combine RPA with our other paperless services to convert your manual processes into an automated approach, such as data entry, validation and adding documents to multiple systems. The digital workforce can work on a 24/7 basis to provide your team with work-ready data. A key example is:- 

  • Automated Legal Conveyancing – RPA can help you go paperless in the completion of legal conveyancing forms. The digital workforce can complete AP1 forms to register purchases and automate KYC and AML checks when onboarding clients to help you ensure security in a fraction of the time. This can be conducted alongside other manual activities such as data validation, automated updates to customers and the processing of customer satisfaction surveys.

How can going paperless benefit you?

  • Save time – our paperless services speed up manual activities and save time searching for documents so your employees can focus on high-value tasks, boosting job satisfaction and productivity.
  • Free up space – outsourcing document storage will allow you to remove document storage equipment, freeing up space for additional desk space, meeting rooms and other uses, while reducing storage costs.
  • Flexible working – employees will be better able to complete activities while working from home with easy access to digitised and archived records. This will support an increase in productivity while maintaining regulatory compliance.
  • Reduced costs – these services will help you dramatically lower costs by eliminating the need to rent/purchase additional space for storage. You’ll be able to move into  lower cost facilities or use the newly available space for more productive purposes. Costs will also be reduced with regards to the amount of money spent on mail and paper.
  • Reduced environmental impact – digitising your documents and utilising our scan on-demand service will not only reduce the amount of paper that needs to be recycled but eliminate the need for physical transport to move information, lowering your carbon footprint.
  • Boost productivity – our RPA services will automate many paper-heavy activities to provide your employees with work-ready data on a 24/7 basis and allow them to carry out more valuable tasks to ensure the growth of your organisation. Our Cleardata services also provide documents indexed to your requirements to save you time searching through files.

To find out more information about how your business can go paperless call our team on 0800 046 8081 or contact us. We’ll discuss your business needs and various services to find the right paperless solution for your business.