Has Your Business Protected Its Paperwork from Flooding?

Has Your Business Protected Its Paperwork From Flooding?
With the Winter months fast approaching, it’s time to make sure your business is prepared  for severe weather.  There’s already flood warnings in place for parts of the UK and long range predictions for months of heavy snow, so get planning to ensure your business isn’t badly affected.

Many companies are heavily reliant on paperwork to handle their day to day running and operations.  Filing customer information, orders, invoices, stock control, procurement and other vital business information in premises, which many be subject to flood risk. Document scanning and secure document storage can help protect your paperwork from disaster.

Businesses often back up their computer files and data, but often don’t consider backing up their paper records until it’s too late.  It can literally ruin a business if all client and operational paperwork is lost due to flood damage, many records being irreplaceable.

As a UK Document Management Company, Cleardata advises UK businesses to consider protecting their paperwork as part of their regular disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

So here’s a few business continuity and disaster recovery tips to protect your paperwork..

  • Assess your existing archives and paperwork to review which of your paper files need backing up
  • Review where your paperwork is stored.  Are your premises subject to flood risk?  What back up plans have you got in place for your paper documents?
  • Consider document scanning as an option.  Scanning bureaus like Cleardata can digitise your paperwork for you, protecting and backing up your important paper files.  Scanning can help you find your information faster, using a simple keyword search tool from your desktop.
  • Outsource your archives to a secure document storage company, providing secure storage facilities with enhanced security features, including water and smoke detection alert systems.  Retrieve your important paperwork as and when you require it, using a scan on demand service.  Paperwork can be retrieved and digitally returned quickly.
  • Store your documents in the cloud and access from any location, via a web browser.   Cleardata’s cloud document management solution provides secure access to information for staff, enabling employees to continue to work from other offices or even from home during severe weather conditions.

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