Have you backed up your paper records?

Many businesses have regular scheduled data backups for their IT systems but haven’t backed up their paper records.  Don’t leave it until it’s too late!  Disaster such as fire flood or theft could seriously affect your company.  Protect your paperwork from disaster by scanning your records.  Watch Cleardata’s latest video to see how we can help with our secure scanning services.

Flexible Access to Information

Document scanning can also enable  secure flexible access to information.   How many times has your business been interrupted in the last twelve months due to staff being unable to reach your normal office location?  Traffic and travel delays, tube delays, weather related issues, school strikes and issues with childcare can all cause costly business interruptions. Once in digital format, data can be uploaded to our online document management solution, providing access to your information using a web browser.  This provides flexible working arrangements for staff.

Records can be digitally indexed in any way, by date, subject matter, reference or project name.  In an online environment documents can also be shared with other users, enabling notes, messages and tasks to be assigned at the click of a button.

Transform your office to a paperless environment and save, time, money and valuable office space for your business. For further details about Cleardata’s document scanning services call 0800 046 8081 today or try our quick quote tool.

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