Paperwork Backlog? Consider a High Volume Scanning Service

High Volume Back Scanning Services
Many businesses are faced with a backlog of daily incoming and archived paperwork, which can be costly. From filing cabinets taking over valuable office space, to staff wasting time searching for information, if left unmanaged, paperwork can get out of hand.

Back Scanning or digitisation is a popular choice for sorting out paperwork and can save valuable time and space.  So add it to your every day business planning list to avoid a real issue e.g  running out of office space, loosing a valuable contract document, or even data loss due to fire, flood or theft.

Where to start…

At the outset of a scanning project, some companies choose to invest in their own scanners, but this can cause a frustrating process for staff. After all it’s not a core business activity and can be an expensive, time consuming distraction from key tasks/objectives.  Watch our Virgin Care Video Testimonial to hear their experiences.

Companies that attempt to scan their own documents are faced with multiple problems including:-

  • Scanning using MDFs (Multi-Functional Devices) or other low quality scanners, which are simply not built for high volume scanning. This can result in duplicate feeds, errors and poor quality images.
  • Maintenance issues and downtime
  • Spending large amounts of time re-scanning documents due to quality issues
  • Poor quality digital copies, which do not accurately represent your paperwork

High Volume Back Scanning Services

Outsourcing your high volume back scanning could save your business huge amounts of staff time, money and office space.  Document scanning companies like Cleardata digitise over 3 million images per month, using the latest high volume scanning technology.  It’s our core business, so we operate quickly and efficiently using a bespoke bureau management system to provide bulk levels of production.

The company is one of the first UK scanning bureaus to be certified to the new BS 10008:2014 standard, ensuring scanned images are captured with legal admissibility in mind and offers a 200% quality checking process.

Cleardata has invested in a fleet of Kodak i500 bulk production scanners, capable of digitising 420 images per minute. The i500 eliminates duplicate feeds using 5 ultrasonic feed detectors. The company has a certified process for checking in, preparation, bulk scanning, quality checking, indexing and electronic document management.

Watch our video to find out more about our scanning services.

To find out more about Cleardata’s High Volume Back Scanning solutions call our team on 0800 046 8081 or Click Here to use our document scanning quote tool.