How a Cloud Document Management System can Improve Your Company

The days of hoarding thousands of documents in huge and unsightly filing cabinets, consuming large amounts of work space, no longer needs to be a problem. Using a Cloud Based Document Management System not only replaces archaic filing cabinets, but it also increases office productivity and efficiency, reduces costs and encourages companies in being more organised.

Cleardata’s document management system enables customers to securely manage their documents on one distinct system. Businesses are able to create multiple user portals for relevant members of staff that can flexibly access their confidential information from any location, simply by using a web browser.

The benefits of this electronic document management solution includes:

  • Being able to access documents from any location using the web
  • Managing version control of documents
  • Full electronic audit trail for all documents
  • Locating information quickly and easily from your desktop, using a simple search
  • Secure data system, with permission based data access
  • Automating the process of your data using workflow
  • Fully manageable document management system and organise information
  • Low cost solution providing fast access to multiple employees
  • Freeing office space from paperwork
  • Sharing tasks with other users and improving communication within the business

The cloud document management system offers:

Security & Compliance

Having documents stored in the cloud, allows companies to monitor and meet specific compliance standards that are set out under the Data Protection Act. Cleardata’s electronic document management system is provided on a SAAS basis (software as a service), delivered via the internet in which data is securely hosted in UK data centres, with world class infrastructure.

Customer’s documents can be protected and restricted at a user level on the system, with each login only having access to certain files. This enables documents to be viewed and retrieved by only those intended, meaning information no longer needs to be removed from the office. Each username also has an individual password for security protection.

Document Sorting & Searching Functionality

Customers are able to store and index their documents in the cloud document management system in a number of ways that benefits the company, rather than being stored in lever arch files. This allows particular documents to be located easily. For instance HR departments can have records indexed by employee numbers, DOB, job title etc. whereas marketing companies may prefer to index records by client name, marketing activity, job date etc.

Users are also able to save favourite searches, saving time in searching for the same file in the future.

Innovative Key Hook Search

Another aspect of search functionality within the online document management system includes a key hook search. This allows customers to search for documents in any other systems they may additionally use, such as Sage, Excel, Word etc.

Version Control & Audit Trail

Documents can be regularly checked in and out of the cloud based system, allowing customers to use the system as an online library of their private documents. The online document management system offers full version control and a complete electronic audit trail for your records.

Project Collaboration

The system is a user friendly, shared workspace that enables project collaboration on notes, tasks, news feeds, forums, discussions and project management. It allows colleagues and relevant suppliers to be kept up to date with project information.

Task Management

Customers are able to assign tasks, workflow, delegate items and manage files and documents that are associated with their projects. Notes and tasks can be added to specific documents that require attention.

The home screen displays a task list of initiated workflows, unread discussions and assigned tasks that need to be followed up, presenting an easy-to-read dashboard for employees to manage their daily jobs.


Workflow can be set up on the document management system to automate the flow of the company’s important documents. Particular documents such as invoices, contracts, marketing materials etc. can be automatically directed to the appropriate member of staff for to manage.

Outlook Integration

User’s emails can also be automatically added and organised within the online document management system, which would be integrated with Microsoft Outlook.

Explorer Integration

Customers can incorporate the explorer integration plug-in to their cloud document management system, which is an internal library on their computer. Data can be added to the system, which can be indexed at the same time.

Having access to these different services and integrating them within one document management system would make customer’s lives much simpler when managing confidential documents.

For further information on Cleardata’s Cloud Based Document Management System, please contact the team on 0800 046 8081.