How Do You Process and Capture Digital Invoices?

As businesses modernise their invoicing and paperwork processes, many companies now receive documents in digital format e.g. PDF, TIFF, Word or Excel.

This has reduced the amount of paperwork for businesses, however, staff still have to go through emails, download attachments, extract and manually process data from the documents.

Cleardata offers an automated digital invoicing solution which will save your business valuable time and money, reducing manual processing costs.  The outsourced solution will:-

  • Manage and download emails and attachments
  • Automate capture of invoice data on arrival
  • Increase accuracy of captured data
  • Verify data  against existing databases e.g. supplier lists or purchase orders
  • Speed up payment processes and improve supplier relations
  • Provide reporting and information on bottlenecks in your invoice processing

So How Does It Work?

  • Cleardata can set up an email watch folder to receive your digital invoices
  • Emails and attachments are automatically downloaded
  • A batch folder is added to our Kofax Capture Software Solution
  • Kofax will read the invoices and capture required fields – Common fields captured include: supplier name, invoice number, purchase order number, net and gross amount
  • Data is checked by our processing team with a file produced for any exceptions
  • Data can then be output via any format, commonly a data text file is used.
  • Information is then returned by secure FTP site to the client, ready for import to your existing accounting software.

For further details about Cleardata’s Digital E-Invoicing Solutions call our team on 0800 046 8081.  Alternatively watch out our latest digital invoicing video to find out more about the process.