How Document Digitisation Enables Flexible Working

Digitising your business’ documents provides a wide range of benefits. From saving time to improving document security and compliance, there are a wealth of advantages to be had.  For businesses with flexible or home workers, digitised documents combined with an online document management system can provide an efficient and secure solution. Allowing companies to offer secure access to day to day documentation and keep an audit trail of activity.

How does document digitisation enable flexible working?Document Digitisation Services

Without document digitisation, flexible working would be a data security challenge for businesses. The logistics and risks of giving employees access to paper documents, essential to their work, outside of the office, are high. Every company needs to ensure compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and consider the risks of protecting data, such as:-

  •         Paperwork or data going missing
  •         Fire or flood risk
  •         Data being misused, reproduced or distributed without permission
  •         Accessed by unauthorised people
  •         Paperwork disposed of in an insecure, non-compliant manner

Once document digitisation is completed, information can be stored in a secure cloud document management system, with specific access provided to authorised employees only.  This allows businesses to monitor viewing and activity and ensure only those employees with relevant permissions can view business information. Cloud solutions allow access in a variety of formats and on a range of devices, providing flexible, but secure access to home workers.

Cleardata offers a secure electronic document management system, which allows fast and easy access to digitised documents. The system provides staff with a cloud-based online filing cabinet where all of your digitised documents can be accessed, with an efficient and uniform indexing system. Automatic audit trails and the ability to set different permissions also keeps your documents secure.

Documents can be indexed and searched by any required field allowing home workers to find information quickly.

What is flexible working?

Flexible working is a way of working that is designed to suit employees’ needs more closely.

This commonly includes increased flexibility in start and finish times as well as the option to complete work from home or in a different office environment.

 Flexible working provides a modern alternative to the traditional 9 to 5 office set up. As people’s needs have evolved in recent years, flexible working has been increasing in popularity. And its implementation is only set to grow- a report by the Work Foundation revealed that “adoption of mobile working for both individuals and organisations is anticipated to reach an adoption level of over 70 percent by 2020”.

Businesses must ensure that they are prepared to offer flexible working, particularly as the law states that all employees have the right to request flexible working.

Additional benefits

Document digitisation is also a time saver for those who choose flexible working arrangements. Once the physical documents have been digitised, employees will have quick and easy access to them all. Retrieval is made easier than ever, so if one employee is working from home they won’t have to wait around to be sent a copy of a document that they forgot. This also allows flexible workers to free up valuable space, avoiding piles of paperwork building up in their home environment.

Cleardata Document Digitisation Services

Cleardata are experts in digitising documents, whether simply scanning physical documents in a state of the art scanning bureau or using intelligent data capture to automatically extract key information. Our bureau digitises over 4 million images per month, using Kodak high production scanners. In addition our team can index (digitally file) your documents for you to meet your needs. 

As well as premium scanning equipment, the company is certified to ISO9001 & ISO27001 for Quality Management and Information Security. All scanned images are checked by two separate operators for quality and accuracy, while CCTV, enhanced security and biometric entry systems keep your documents safe.

Cleardata provides a comprehensive range of document digitisation services to enable your business to prepare for the future and offer flexible working options. To find out how our scanning services could help you, get in touch today. Give our expert team a call on 0800 046 8081 or contact us.