How efficient is your management reporting?

Business Intelligence Solutions
As a manager, keeping up to date with your latest business information can be problematic. With departments working to different processes and operating from multiple IT systems, managers are often faced with trawling through spreadsheets, and data reports outputted in various formats.

Making decisions based on these reports,  often output daily at the close of play, can effect your business, with financial loss due to lost time, faulty equipment or employee underperformance.  This is particularly relevant to the Manufacturing, HR and Financial sectors.

Real time dashboard reporting can bring together your live reporting information, streaming data from multiple systems, spreadsheets and data outputs in an easy to read, customisable view.  Benefit from live business information, to help your management team make instant decisions, improving business performance, saving money and making efficiencies. Choose from graphs, tables or reports to suit your business data and securely access from any location using a web browser.

Dashboard reporting enables you to drill down using dynamic charts.  Compare and analyse data from different departments or divisions of your business.  Trigger-based emails can also be set up to alert you to common issues or performance in your business.

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