How Protected are Your Documents in the Office?

Data Protection

Confidential DocumentsWith the new GDPR data protection regulations coming into force next year, it’s time to take stock and review your business’s risk for documents stored onsite. The introduction of GDPR will see an increase in monetary penalties for businesses. Up to 4% of your global turnover or £20,000,000 – whichever is greater. Find out more about the GDPR regulations here.

How much personal data do you keep in your business?

Personal data is any confidential information that can be used to identify an individual. This includes name, address, date of birth, job etc, whilst sensitive data involves details such as sexual preference and racial origin.

Are you protecting your data?

As part of the Data Protection Act principles, businesses are obliged to keep data safe and secure. Many modern offices have an open plan layout and this can be an issue for document management, data access, and security. This could be particularly concerning for Human Resources departments and companies who are required to store confidential employee information.

A recent case of a Recruitment Manager sharing personal data with a third party has been brought to light, breaching the data protection act. It warns employees of the consequences that illegally distributing private information whilst they have access to at work can cause. The individual sent 26 CV’s to another company that contained personal and confidential data.
Health Check…

Consider where your documents are currently stored and who has access to them…

  1. Where do you currently store your paper documents and information? E.g. filing cabinets, desk drawers or home office?
  2. Who has access to these?
  3. Do they have controlled access?
  4. Are cabinets/drawers locked at the end of the day?
  5. Are cabinets open to multiple departments/people?
  6. Do you keep a record of who accesses your information?

Scanning documents and storing electronically can help secure your data using cloud based document management. Documents can be controlled at a user or role level and a clear audit trail is provided for any access to information. Once stored electronically information can be retrieved quickly at the touch of a button.

Cleardata assists organisations all over the UK with document management security. The company’s secure archive facility offers the latest security and protection systems, ensuring that confidential documents are secured at all times.

Archiving records with Cleardata not only guarantees document security but it also eliminates the need of filing cabinets and increases work space, which in turn can improve office productivity.

To find out more about Cleardata’s data protection and security services, contact our team on 0800 046 8081 or email We look forward to hear from you.