How Scanning and Document Management Can Improve Asset Management

Asset Management Records Management
Many businesses are now working towards the new Asset Management Standard ISO 55001:2014.  In order to achieve compliance with this standard,  information, stored in a variety of media, about Assets and Asset Management Plans needs be managed and stored efficiently.

Good asset information and records should be held throughout the full asset lifecycle and beyond, and these play a vital role in helping the business to obtain the best value from owning their assets.  Good information allows business managers to make the right decisions, at the right time and in the right place.

Assets can include brands, people and physical assets such as buildings or equipment.  Large amounts of digital documentation and paperwork needs to be managed efficiently to provide evidence of good asset management e.g. HR records, design records, building records and operational documentation such as test certificates, work completion certificates and drawings.

So How Can Scanning and Document Management Help?

  • Asset Records can be scanned and stored to digital format allowing documentation to be found and viewed quickly
  • Scanning and digital storage provides a back up of your paper documentation, to provide business continuity and security for your asset information
  • Digital records can be stored in a cloud document management system, enabling flexible access for multiple departments and office locations
  • Cloud document management enables full version control and provides an electronic audit trail to let you know who’s accessed your documentation  at every point of the journey
  • Users can upload digital documentation easily to the Cloud system using an easy Outlook and Explorer integration tool
  • Workflow tools and online forms can also be setup in the Cloud to allow users to approve, review or reject different processes, saving time and speeding up manual paper processing

Document scanning bureaus like Cleardata can scan high volumes of documentation in a secure environment accredited for Information Security and Quality Management. Paperwork is scanned to a high quality, providing excellent digital files for your records. Combined with an efficient Cloud Document Management System, this enables fast, secure access for digital documentation.

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