How secure are your business documents?

Document Storage Security
Many companies and organisations store archived records in their own premises, but don’t have correct procedures/processes in place for security. As part of the data protection act, organisations have a duty to ensure personal details are protected securely.

The ICO recently fined Hampshire County Council, £100,000, after records containing personal details were discovered in a disused building.

Companies should regularly review where records are currently stored and consider storing records off-site to improve security.  Document storage facilities offer enhanced security and protection for records, with zoned areas,  providing an electronic audit trail of any access to documents. All interaction with documents is recorded via an online archive management system.

As well as improving document security, outsourcing your document storage will provide other business benefits, including:-

  • Reduce risk from disaster, e.g. fire or flood
  • Free up valuable space and reduce office space costs
  • Improve document management
  • Provide faster retrieval for archived documents

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