HR Record Scanning and Document Management

HR Scanning Services
Our Cleardata scanning bureau has been busy this month with many HR departments using the scanning service to save office space and reduce time searching through paperwork.

Leavers records are a common issue for Human Resources departments, with staff needing to find this information for reference purposes over a number of years, but organisations not wanting to waste valuable space storing archived records.

Cleardata scans these records using Kodak technology and ensures each scanned image is checked for quality purposes.  Any type of employee records can be scanned, such as application forms, time sheets, forms and appraisal records.  Our scanning bureau can handle any size of a document from small format forms to large format documents.

Key fields such as employee reference, date and job title are indexed using OCR technology.  This enables the information to be digitised (using our document digitization services), searched and retrieved easily at the touch of a button.  This also allows HR records to be digitally backed up, providing extra protection for important employee information.

One of our HR scanning clients commented “HR files are now digitally sorted,  easily accessible and regularly backed up.   It saves us so much time and is far more flexible and efficient than manual filing.  It also saves us a large amount of office space.

 Scanned records are returned in digital format, on discs, making our system much more efficient.  We can access and print off HR records as and when we need them.  All our leavers records are stored digitally, enabling us to process requests for references.  We can do a quick search and  provide the information quickly and easily.”

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