The Importance of a Digital Mailroom

laptop and mail flying out of it

The past few years have served up obstacle after obstacle, and while the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be growing brighter by the day, the effects will be felt for some time yet. With this in mind, firms should do their utmost to ensure that their business functions are as efficient and streamlined as possible in the COVID and post-COVID eras.

‘The new normal’ is a phrase that may have been over-saturated in months gone by, but unfortunately, they are still as apt as ever. The age of Zoom-call meetings, remote collaboration and working remotely is still fairly ‘normal’ across a lot of industries. While firms have nailed their processes and resources for things like meeting software, few have proved more essential than a Digital Mailroom.

Working remotely conjures up a whole host of issues, from feeling out of the loop, tougher communication and a general sense of frustration for many, so a digital mailroom can alleviate some of these problems.

Digital Mailrooms Explained

A digital mailroom is simply the process of digitalising hard-copy mail and emails into a centralised system so that it can be accessed by the necessary people at the touch of a button instead of relying on space, both physical and virtual, and time-consuming filing systems. The mail that your company receives will be scanned and uploaded onto a system, to keep all of the correspondence received by your company organised, easy to access, process and secure.

Benefits of Digital Mailrooms

There are a wide variety of different benefits to Digital Mailrooms, with benefits ranging from:-

  • save time and money
  • increased data protection and compliance – only allow authorised staff to access your digital documentation
  • ease of access – documents can be access via Cleardata’s cloud document management system, or returned for upload into your own existing business systems
  • improved customer service – a digital mailroom allows you to process documents quickly
  • automated document processing – validate incoming mail on arrival and direct to the right person or team automatically.
  • Important incoming mail or correspondence can be accessed instantly via the online system by several parties without delay.

No longer will you need to rely on physical mail, or a photocopy on your desk or even an unsecured picture sent as a picture message. We delve a little deeper into these benefits below.

Data Analysing

The digitalisation of these documents doesn’t just upload a scanned version to the system, but instead, it will capture the document in more context. Pinpointing the text, addressee, addresser and other important information that will allow you to search for certain documents in the future. This is incredibly useful for finding information and important documents fast and without worry.


The way companies handle their clients, and their sensitive data is something that has been very closely paid attention to in recent years. Having a digital mailroom will ensure that all of this information is kept in a secure format and free from the worry that the wrong letter could end up in the wrong hands!


Above all else, the need for an organised mailroom system that works for the specificities of your company is essential. You can organise your digital mailroom any way you need it, with folders for certain departments or employees, along with controlled access and a clear audit trail of who has accessed the information and when.

Email Organisation

Emails are a crucial aspect of modern businesses, but they can be quite problematic in the sense that email volume can often vastly outweigh any physical mail volume for both the present and the past. This means that important emails can find themselves lost in an ocean of bulletins, newsletters and spam. Digital Mailrooms order these emails in a logical and efficient format, easing the process of locating those crucial pieces of information in an instant.

A digital mailroom is a massive resource to add to your company’s arsenal, and the amount of time, effort and money it can save you makes it an essential service. To find out more about our Digital Mailroom services, check out or give the team a call today on 0800 046 8081.