Improve Efficiency in the Accounts Department with OCR

OCR Scan - CleardataOptical Character Recognition (OCR) and OCR scan services has proven to benefit companies for years, especially the Accounts department due to the high volume of paper and electronic documents which need to be processed quickly. Although it’s not a recent discovery, this technology can be beneficial for organisations to implement, saving valuable time and money and reducing errors in manual data capture.

OCR is a special scanning feature that converts printed, typed and handwritten characters into digital text and can be used for a variety of different documents including invoices, receipts, cheques, debit notes and credit notes This allows members of the accounts team to simply and efficiently search and edit relevant documents or information in a word processing programme.

Cleardata provides OCR Scan services to organisations all over the UK who are looking to improve efficiency across their departments. The company’s scanning bureau is the biggest single site user of Kodak Alaris scanners which have the ability of capturing over 4 million images per month. They are also able to automatically capture specific data from documents such as the invoice number, amount and line item descriptions from invoices.

Cleardata’s specialised services uses technology that can extract any required information within documents, from a variety of suppliers that have multiple document formats. As well as reducing human errors from the process, the company’s software can also check for duplicate transactions ensuring all documents are accurate.

Many individuals would use OCR alongside data entry as it reduces the need to manually type out information. Without the use of OCR, accounting departments would need to manually capture relevant invoice and document information themselves, which would be extremely time consuming for a large organisation. Other benefits for implementing OCR services in the Accounts department include:

  • Speeding up invoice processing times
  • Reducing costs
  • Increasing productivity
  • Improving data accuracy and quality
  • Saving significant time compared to manual data entry
  • Reducing the need to hire additional staff
  • Increasing office space in storing paper based documents
  • Saving large amounts of time searching for documents

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