Improve Records Management Compliance By Storing Offsite

If records management is part of your business responsibilities, you’ll be aware of the importance of data protection, Lever Arch File Management, Storageparticularly with the GDPR regulations introduced in May last year.  Business compliance with GDPR is key and if not treated seriously could incur fines for your organisation.

Keeping a full index and audit trail of your records, stored both on or offsite, will help improve your compliance along with other key benefits, for example:-

  • Offer a full audit trail of any physical activity with your information.
  • Enable efficient data retention schedules or keep until dates
  • Speed up retrieval for subject access requests
  • Only allow authorised users to access confidential documents
  • Provide evidence of destruction
  • Prevent information from going missing

Offsite document storage providers are able to provide fully managed archive storage, together with a full audit trail for records, using the latest in online archive management technology.

Cleardata provides their Cleardox Archive Management System to its archive customers, enabling flexible access, control and management of document archives in real time, whilst stored offsite.

Cleardox AMS functionality includes a full statement of client’s records stored offsite, together with details of any physical activity e.g. file retrieval or destruction, by user ID, date and time.

This system offers a full range of activity reporting, with the ability to filter retrieval request activity by date, allowing authorised users to see who accessed a document within a particular time period.

Cleardata can also fully index your records to enable you to manage the complete document lifecycle, for example noting retention or keep until dates for your varying document types which can be a real help for GDPR compliance.

Restrict Access To Authorised Users
Cleardox archive management provides data protection and security by allowing businesses to grant specific people to access particular archives. It’s also possible to authorise multiple people within a team, in order to avoid delays and bottlenecks if one authorised staff member is away from the office.

Archive Management System Tasks
Authorised users carry out all your daily records management tasks easily through the cloud archive management system including:-  

  • Request collection and delivery of physical archives online.  
  • Submit scan on demand requests, enabling files to be retrieved, scanned and digitally returned quickly and easily.
  • Set destruction dates for archives
  • Manage retention periods
  • View box status and content reports
  • View a full audit trail of activity

Why Keep An Audit Trail?
There are various reasons why an audit trail is important for your archived documents. The first, and arguably the most important, of these is security. With the electronic audit trail provided, you can see exactly who has accessed your archives.

It helps prevent records from getting lost, showing when a user has requested archives out of storage and also showing the status of your archives in storage, with relevant keep until or destruction dates. 

To find out more about how your business could benefit from Managed Document Storage, get in touch with Cleardata today. We can collect, sort and archive your documents and get Cleardox up and running in no time. Give our team a call on 0800 046 8081 or fill in our contact form.