Improve your Construction Document Control with Digitisation

Effective document management is critical to ensuring a smooth and successful construction operation. Construction work requires an abundance of invoices, contracts, and large plans and sketches which are needed by dozens of different workers at any one time. With so many groups and individuals needing to see multiple documents, maintaining control over where documents are kept and who has access to them can become a stressful mess.

Digitising construction industry documents can help you to stay in control of all your business’s important documents so that you can maintain customer, employee, and contractor satisfaction and there’s one less headache on your long to-do list.

The Importance of Document Control in Construction

Relying on so many physical documents can make it difficult to work or collaborate efficiently on a project. It’s really important that everyone is on the same page when it comes to big construction projects, from the customers and project managers to the architects and engineers and every builder and handyman involved. 

By digitising important documents, processes can be streamlined, multiple persons can view or edit documents at the same time from different locations, and there are fewer project delays within your control. This not only improves communication between parties, but also ensures that projects stick closer to deadlines and budgets.Engineering Drawing Rolls

Digitising your documents can also protect them from any loss or potential damage on site. Having digital documents makes processing, finding, and retrieving business documents easier, especially when working with a remote force in temporary offices. 

Beyond the general improvements to organisation and productivity, digitisation of construction documents can also help with complying with GDPR laws and worker safety. Aiming for a paperless office will remove a potential COVID-19 hazard by reducing the need for communal documents that are touched by multiple people. Going paperless helps to ensure that your construction company is ready for the future and more ready for crises such as pandemics.

Cleardata for Construction Document Services

Cleardata provides a wide and bespoke range of services to help those in the construction industry take control of their document management. Whatever your business’s requirements, we can tailor our solutions to suit your workflow and schedule, our services include:

 Document Scanning

Scanned documents can be returned in any digital format that your business requires. Cleardata can scan any size of document, from small receipts to A0 blueprints and plans up to a size of approximately 2 metres. Cleardata regularly offers scanning services for architects and contractors, helping them to gain better control of their document management.

Our state-of-the-art Kodak technology can capture up to 410 images per minute, greatly increasing document scanning efficiency. A 200% quality checking service is provided by two of our expert scanning operatives to further ensure the highest possible quality of the scanned document before sending it back to you.

 Document Storage

Offering collection and delivery throughout the UK, Cleardata can remove your physical document from your premises in a secure vehicle fleet. We provide a comprehensible archiving service with clear barcode labeling and boxing. Our high-tech document storage facility is extremely secure, with protection from fire, flood, and carbon monoxide, as well as theft. 

With a scan on-demand service, you can still access your documents quickly from your Cleardata archive. The Cleardox Cloud Archive Management System enables you to keep track of all your offsite documents, from full audit trails to confidential destruction.

 Document Management for Construction Businesses

Cleardata provides several solutions to efficient document management tailored to suit your business, handling anything you need in the transition to a paperless office. We offer everything from document design to automation, system implementation, and more.

Cleardox provides efficient archived document management via a self-service website for full control over the lifecycle of documents. Access from anywhere and at any time, with full confidence that your documents are safe with our ISO-accredited team and highly secure software.

 For further information about Cleardata’s document management services, please get in touch on 0800 046 8081 or fill out our contact form, and one of our data experts will be more than happy to help.

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