Improve Your Finance Team Productivity with Outsourced Invoicing Services

Invoice Processing
If you’re looking to improve the productivity of your finance team, consider Outsourced Invoicing as part of a business process review. Many finance teams are bogged down with manual invoice processing, to the point where core finance activities are put on the back burner. One of the main frustrations in this process is invoice scanning.

This can cause large proportions of your team’s time to be spent dealing with scanning issues, such as:-

  • Preparation of documents
  • Double feeds
  • Low quality scanned images and quality checking issues
  • Time spent re-scanning images
  • Issues with digital document output
  • High maintenance costs for scanners
  • Low productivity/output due to older or inefficient technology

In turn these issues can cause payment delays, increased phone calls from suppliers querying invoice payment timescales and wasted time by financial staff, which could be better utilised on key accounts payable tasks. Watch our case study about how we helped Virgin Care transform their invoice processing.

Cleardata provides invoice processing solutions that can save your business time, money, improve data accuracy and make your lives easier. Our outsourced invoicing services can manage and automate the processing of your invoices, whether they’re scanned or electronic, extract the data and have it sent back to you in a format that can be imported into your existing system.

Cleardata’s invoice processing services can help transform your operations by providing the following solutions:

Invoice Mail Room

Have your organisation’s incoming financial paperwork and digital invoices redirected to Cleardata’s invoice mail room. This service can provide your company with a variety of benefits, such as reducing costs and saving valuable time by not manually processing them yourselves. It will also reduce invoicing errors, speed up processing times and improve the accuracy of incoming invoice information.

Once a PO Box has been set up at our secure facility to receive your paper based documents or an email inbox for digital invoices, our team are able to open and sort through your paperwork and scan them using our high production scanners. After they’re scanned, we can automatically extract and index your data and have it returned to you in any required format.

Invoice Scanning

Scan your paperwork with Cleardata’s bulk invoice scanning services that’s able to capture over 36 million images per year. Our software for invoice scanning can merge with your company’s present processing system, allowing the digital transformation to be simple for your effective invoice scanning and processing solution.

Having your invoices scanned using our outsourced invoicing services can save you significant amount of processing time for all members of staff and time spent locating particular documents when they’re filed.

This will also save valuable office space as stored paperwork will no longer be needed once your invoices are digitalised, allowing quicker document retrieval.

Invoice Data Capture

Having the data captured from your documents and processed using our intelligent invoice capture called Kofax, can transfigure your supplier invoices into practical and manageable data. The important data from your invoices can be captured from any location, such as your company’s mailroom, email, fax, printers, scanners or supplier networks.

With our special capture solutions, we’re able to help your company automate and speed up manual processes, reduce costs and save you a significant amount of time in tasks such as manually typing up data and inputting it into your system. Our data capture service also increases the level of data accuracy due to reducing human error and providing two quality checking stations.

Invoice Scanning Services

Automated Invoice Processing

Automate the handling of your invoices by using our automated invoice processing service. We’re able to automatically extract important information from your invoices and the data will be checked against your existing business systems to ensure data accuracy. Your data can then be transferred back to your current financial system or your invoices can be uploaded to our cloud solution.

Cloud invoicing enables data to be automatically sent to the correct person instantly by electronic workflow. This allows authorisers to approve, query or reject documents and provides a fast search ability to find information quickly and easily.

Watch our invoice processing video below:

For further information on Cleardata’s outsourced invoicing services, please contact us on 0800 046 8081