Increase Efficiency with Vehicle History Card Digitisation

Physically storing thousands of important records, such as vehicle log cards in a large warehouse can be rather problematic, especially if it’s situated separately to the main office. This can be very unproductive for your business if regular car history checks need to be carried out, requiring constant retrieval of the files. Document digitisation can significantly improve your in-house processes.

Cleardata provides document scanning services and digitising services to organisations throughout the UK. The company boasts one of the biggest scanning bureaus in Britain and is also the largest single-site user of the Kodak Alaris scanners. We currently digitise over 4 million images every month, at the highest quality.

Every time a customer has a concern with their car and informs the retailers, it’s the manufacture’s responsibility to perform a car history check and view the vehicle history report to see previous issues regarding the vehicle and to maintain it accordingly.

However, before any inspections or car history checks can take place, documents need to be located and retrieved. Requiring staff to leave the office and enter separate premises, to then search for the relevant record is not only time consuming but it’s an inefficient process to complete each time an issue is raised.

Locating this information quickly is important due to registering relevant car manufacturing problems, checking the vehicle’s history and ensuring the safety of vehicles. If similar issues arise among a number of same model of car, a recall may be necessary.

Storing paperwork on-site isn’t a modern way to file important records and can cause problems such as lengthy retrievals or potentially theft, fire and flooding issues. Document digitisation provides the following benefits:

Saves significant time

Having your important vehicle records scanned allows you to instantly view your documents digitally, without the need to leave your office chair, saving you a significant amount of time. With this spare time, staff can focus on more business-related tasks and generate further business for the company.

Enhances Image Quality

Scanning your records with Cleardata guarantees the highest quality of images, allowing all comments, stamps and car diagrams to be viewed clearly, including the old build manifest reports. Each document goes through a 200% quality checking process, once during the scanning of the files and again by the company’s quality checking team.

Digitising important documents also ensures that they’re stored electronically, without worrying they’ll be lost or damaged, especially when they have to be retained for 10 years.

Quicker and Easier File Search Ability

History cards are also able to be OCR’d and indexed, enabling staff to quickly and easily search for the relevant file by identifiable car characteristics, such as VIN or Chassis numbers. This saves staff travelling to a different location to find files and can be done so in a fraction of the time.

Cleardata also offers an electronic document management system, where files can be digitally stored, offering an even easier approach to systematically store and search for individual documents in one system. Only authorised personnel are able to access the records and an electronic audit trail is provided.

Reduces Costs

Every time a member of staff has to leave their current activity by travelling to a different department in order to locate a vehicle log card, costs the company money. Digitising your records saves the business time and money and allows employees to concentrate on adding value with their primary job role.

Storing vehicle history reports digitally also increases space in the warehouse, saving the company money on maintaining the perfect environment for preserving important documents.

Find out more about Cleardata’s document digitisation services and see how we can improve your manufacturing business. Contact the team on 0800 046 8081 today or try our quick scanning quote tool here.