Insurance Claims Processing – Outsource Scanning vs In-House

Reliance on paper is a sure-fire way to slow down your business processes, but some businesses cannot help working with paper. That is why Cleardata provides outsourced services to help insurance and claims companies to automate their claims processes. We’ve helped many businesses to reduce costs by saving valuable time on manual paper processing. As one of the UK’s biggest providers of document scanning and offering secure mailroom, scanning and document management solutions to automate your paper processes.

Cleardata boasts a range of flexible solutions to suit your business including:

  • Outsourced Digital Mailroom Service – Divert your mail to us and we’ll open, sort and scan it ready to be sent on to you in a more useful format.
  • Intelligent Data Capture – We use Kofax software to intelligently extract data from your incoming claims and documents. This will read and extract information and can also verify data against your back office database to increase the accuracy of your incoming information. Data can be returned in any required format for import into your own office systems.
  • Cloud Document Management – We can import your data into our cloud document management system. This offers workflow functionality, enabling information to be routed automatically to the most suitable in your business to process. Fast authorisation/review buttons can be set up to enable claims to be processed quickly and easily.
  • Secure Archive Facility – Paperwork can be securely stored in our facility.
  • Confidential Disposal – Our onsite shredding team can dispose of your documents securely and provide a certificate of destruction.

Document scanning bureaus like Cleardata digitise  paper forms using high volume scanning technology, capturing up to 410 images per minute. Data can be automatically extracted for import into insurance claims handling systems, using clever capture software. Intelligent data capture converts handwritten text into digital format using ICR technology.  The company can provide higher scanning capture rates for Insurance Companies through forms design support and printing services.

Financial Claims Processing

Our bureau can handle large volumes of financial claims. We operate a secure Digital Mailroom, which is certified for Business Continuity, Cyber Essentials Plus, Information Security and Quality Management Systems. Our financial claims processing mailroom service operates in a secure zoned area of our bureau, with all staff security cleared by Disclosure Scotland. Cleardata can securely archive or confidentially dispose of your paperwork for you in our facility, kept safe by our robust security systems and enhanced fire detection.

We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have about insurance claim processing. Give us a call on 0800 046 8081 or click to contact us online.