Is your Business Prepared for Severe Weather?

Has Your Business Protected Its Paperwork From Flooding?
With the Met Office issuing severe weather warnings in the UK and Winter fast approaching, companies should be considering digitising their paper records to ensure they can continue working efficiently.  Most businesses back up their digital data on a regular basis, however paperwork can often be left unprotected until it’s too late.

Issues such as flooding can cause serious damage to paperwork, as well as operational problems, with employees faced with difficulties traveling to their usual workplace.

This can be problematic for any business, particularly industries, experiencing peak periods caused by bad weather.  With services often pushed to their limits due to high demand, it’s vital to keep staff working to capacity, with full access to information. As part of their business continuity plans, companies should consider where their documents are currently stored and if their office is in a flood risk zone (this can be checked out on the Environment Agency website.)

Scanning your documents will protect and back up your paper records. At the same time, you’ll also free up valuable office space and save time physically searching for information. Cleardata provides document scanning services throughout the UK.  Our bureau uses the latest production scanners to convert your paperwork to high quality digital image, converting over 3 million images per month to digital format.

We also offer Cloud Document Management, enabling scanned images to be accessed from any location using a web browser. Documents can be digitally filed in any required format and found quickly using a keyword search tool. Users can also add notes to documents and assign tasks to other users.

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