Lever Arch Files Taking Over Your Office?

Lever Arch File Management, Storage
At this time of year many offices maybe filling up with lever arch files.  Year end Accounts, HR Files, Operational Records and other paper documents can take up a huge amount space.

What’s the cost of this?

  • Office space is expensive.  In Central London, rate increases have risen up to 31% since 2009. Consider scanning your paper records or using our lever arch file storage services.  By digitising your records you could save money, re-utilise wasted space for more staff, or avoid relocating to larger offices.
  • Staff time.  Consider how much time your employees waste searching through lever arch files and paperwork for information, and also how this affects your processes/customer experience.  Once in digital format, records can be searched from your desktop.  During the scanning process text can be made searchable, enabling information to be found using a keyword tool.  Alternatively, documents can be stored off-site and retrieved when required, utilising a scan on demand service. This is more cost effective for lever arch file management, than storing documents in a lock up off-site and travelling to/from to retrieve information.
  • Lost documents.  Paper records can get easily lost or misfiled.  This can be expensive if the missing record, e.g. a contract or order document, contains valuable information
  • Data Security.  Once scanned documents can be sent via secure FTP or uploaded to a cloud document management system.  In the cloud you can secure records by job role or person, enabling access to those with relevant permissions. This can be more effective than storing in an open plan office, relying on staff to secure cupboards or files.

Watch our document scanning video, to find out how Cleardata can help.

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