Looking to improve your Training Record Management?

Training record management
Training records can often contribute to the vast amount of paperwork companies generate. If your business operations are dependent on these records being renewed frequently, consider digitising your information and storing in a cloud document management solution.

Once scanned, information can be stored in the cloud, with automatic workflow rules set up to automate processes. For example training renewal processes can be set up for employee certifications or training records. Information is digitally indexed (filed) with employee number, training date and renewal date. A nominated user can then be notified in advance of this date to organise the next training session.

The Benefits of Cloud Document Management for Training Records

  • Organise your training records efficiently.
  • Keep records and renewals up to date to avoid operational issues. Many businesses require employees to be trained/certified to specific standards for safety compliance purposes, for example health & safety training, manual handling or fork lift truck operation records. Read more here.
  • Flexible access to information – Consider the accessibility of this key training information. Should you need to access data following legal action against your business, training staff and HR managers must be able to retrieve it fast and efficiently. Cloud Document Management will enable you to do this and provide a full electronic audit trail of access to the records.

Document scanning combined with Cloud Document Management can provide a much more effective training record management solution for businesses. It allows staff to proactively access information, as and when required, saving time, office space and money.

What is the electronic training record management process?

  • Some companies attempt to scan their own training records which can be met with many challenges, such as poor image quality and wasted staff time. Scanning bureaus like Cleardata are equipped with high quality scanners, which automatically adjust colour, brightness and contrast to provide excellent quality digital images.
  • Once scanned, intelligent data capture software can automatically index training records, based on information such as training date, employee number, surname or location. Digital indexing reduces the time spent on manual data entry and increases the accuracy of data.
  • Cloud Document & Records Management allows training records to be stored in the cloud and securely accessed from any location, using a web browser. This also enables staff in multiple departments/locations to access information, managed through password controls.   Employees can scan directly into the system, using a simple drag and drop tool. The tool can also be used automatically index information from training records.

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